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Goal: Since the system disk is a RAID 1 mirrored set, we can rebuild the shadow set by replacing one of the good sets with a blank disk


  • Shutdown and power down server
  • Remove the disk from bay 9, which is part of the system shadow set. Put this disk on the shelf

Empty RAID 1 bay 9

  • Insert blank/old disk into the empty bay

Label new disk before inserting into empty bay



Label the new disk before inserting it into the empty bay




  • Power up server
  • During the booting process, the following message appears: “Some configured disks have been removed from your system…”

Foreign configuration found - press 'C' to load config




Press ‘C’ to Load Configuration utility







Press 'Y' to confirm to load the foreign configuration




  • In this example, the system shadow set is Disk Group 2.  (Before proceeding, confirm this is the disk group in your case).  Expanding the physical disks shows a disk in bay 8 and a missing disk in bay 9.  This is correct.   Now, we have to include the new inserted disk in this group

RAID controller reporting bay 9 is empty




RAID controller reporting bay 9 is empty




  • There may be times when the new disk is seen as a foreign disk.  In this case, do the following:

Foreign disk is reported in bay 9



Foreign disk is reported in bay 9

  • CTRL-N (Next Page) to Foreign Mgt
  • All the disk groups will be displayed.  Typically, the disk group containing the foreign disk will be grey. 
  • To remove the foreign disk
    • Highlight Controller
    • Press F2
    • Select Foreign
    • Select Clear (do NOT import the configuration!)

 Clear the foreign configuration




Clear the foreign configuration

  • Now the disk can be brought into the system shadow set disk group as a hot spare


  • To include the newly inserted disk into the system shadowset disk group, it must be brought in as a hot spare
    • Highlight Disk Group 2 (VD Management)
    • Hit F2
    • Select 'Manage Ded. HS'

Manage dedicated hot swap



Manage dedicated hot swap

      • Select the disk in bay 9 (Hit space bar to select)
      • Tab to 'OK'. 
      • Hit the return key

Select hot spare to bring into RAID 1 mirror set



Select hot spare to bring into RAID 1 mirror set


  • Rebuild automatically commences

Rebuild in process



Rebuild in process


Restart now or restart after rebuild is completed

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