Some Basic Differences Between ASP.NET 2.0 ObjectDataSource and SqlDataSource

* Type Name
For ObjectDataSource, the property TypeName includes the class name, that will responsible to manage data, this may NOT be the data object collection. The select, insert etc methods will use the mentioned methods to access or retrieve data. For SqlDataSource, a built-in data collection is used, which can be bound to data data controls.

* Connection String
For ObjectDataSource, there is NO connection string needed, as it is used middle tier. For SqlDataSource, connection string is needed.

* CRUD Method
For ObjectDataSource, there is NO method (select, insert etc) type, as the methods are being used from a class of middle tier. For SqlDataSource, there are two types of methods StoredProcedure and Text. note, in SqlDataSource, for parameters, in the execution time the system automatically includes a '@' before the name as specified in the name property.

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# Basic Differences Between .NET 2.0 ObjectDataSource and SqlDataSources

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# re: Some Basic Differences Between ASP.NET 2.0 ObjectDataSource and SqlDataSource

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Thank u .i am a fresher means i completed my mca from utkal university(2008).i have some doubt on ObjectDataSource and SqlDataSource.but when i was reading ur articles i just relax.if possible plz give me some good samples on that in my email address or any code which is useful for me.becz i am working in software company.

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