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I have been working in SQL Server 2000 for previous several years. Of course it's  a nice tool, where I can compile the top level requirements to physical implementation layer in much professional way. Well, as a developer, I have been faced a common problem in multiple projects, where I got confused while seeing the database diagram of an existing system, after a long time while I designed the database. Using database diagram, I can easily see the data fields, analyze the relations etc. But the problem is, since the attributes and relations are designed and shown in a technical manner, sometimes it becomes a bit tricky to match the top level requirements with the physical data model.

For that reason, I needed a support in the server tools set for another level of documentation, which lies between the top level requirements documents and physical data model.

[Top level requirement doc] -> [Readable documentation of physical db objects] -> [Physical data model]

In this level each physical entities, attributes and relations will be explained in much human readable way,  in short a support for description for database objects, which can easily be integrated, reused in technical way (i.e. support for navigation while clicking/pointing the object in the documentation, specific data logic (for instance how particular query will be achieved using attributes) etc.

Well, right now, I am using MS Word, to describe entities, relations in very simple, but meaningful text and trying to discover a better and smarter structure of database documentation in the mentioned layer.

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