We Won Nobel Prize in This Year! Prof Yunus Made Our Pride to The Whole World!!!


Well, day before yesterday was the 13th day of October, 2006, but it was not unlucky for us, as the Bangladeshi nation. Nobel academy has announced the Nobel prize in “Peace” for this year in that day, which is won by Professor Doctor Mohammad Yunus, a well renounced economist in Bangladesh. He has been working to remove poverty by implementing his own strategy about “Micro credit” for previous three decades, and was successful to turn the life style of EXTREMELY poor rural women. His ideas have already being implemented in other 100 countries to remove poverty.

Dr. Yunus was supposed to get the Nobel Prize for previous several years. We knew he will get that today or tomorrow. Maximum of folks thought that he will get the prize in “Economics”, as he is an economist. But finally he got that in “Peace”. Nobel academy told that, as it is not possible to earn the “Peace” when a population is drawn to poverty, so working successfully to remove that MUST be awarded for peace!

As Bangladeshi nation, maximum of our people are poor, but really honest. We won our victory by 1971, by fighting against the brutal army of Pakistan. In the previous 35 years after getting the victory there are many things, like natural disaster, political noise, corruption in government level made this honest nation must frustrated, to see a beautiful dream about future. This award will obviously cheer and gear up the whole nation to work for a better country, with honestly, hard work, which will make this small country bright enough in the whole world.

Mohammad Yunus is the first Bangladeshi and third Bengali person who won this HIGHEST prestigious prize. Previously Rabindranath Tegore won the prize in Literature by 1913 and Amarta Shen won the prize in Economics by 1998. Although both of them was Indian by nationality.

Thanks to Mohammad Yunus, we can really feel pride about us for you! Mohammad Yunus started a prestigious history for our nation! He made us pride! He made us to see for a better dream, for a better country. “A man is as large as this dream”, he has proven that, now we will prove that “A nation is as large as their dream”.

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