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One of the greatest frustrations of TFS up till now has been the complete inability to edit files while disconnected from the TFS server. The other is the inability to edit files outside of visual studio without some hackish steps to force TFS to recognize the change. In 2012, Microsoft has stepped up and introduced local workspaces that fix this issue.

Check this out. I created a simple console application and checked it into TFS. Note that there are no pending changes….


In Windows explorer, navigate to App.config and open it in notepad…


Make a few simple change…


And poof, as if by magic, Visual Studio now recognizes that the app.config file has been changed and is ready for check in.


Now you are free to use whatever editor you choose for XML, Config, or any other file type. No more messing with the Read Only property on files and other such hacks… Just edit and go.

Good Job Microsoft. Thanks for Listening.

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