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Luckily, I was able hit most of my goals for the day. I still have yet to get to collision detection, but that's not that big of a deal as I can whip that up sometime on Friday night or Saturday. I have my ship automatically firing now according to a firing rate and have all controls working through the messaging system. The architecture is starting to shape up a bit and I can see that it is going well.

Next is to add one enemy and get collision detection working. After that is when the fun really starts. I then get to start hooking up the ship's health, number of lives, the scoreboard, various different enemies, etc. Basically, all the fun stuff :).

Perhaps I will post a picture here soon. Just be aware that it is suffering from programmer art something FIERCE. Of course, for the first half of the project, my focus won't be on looks, it will be on gameplay. I want to get the tracer bullet in place as soon as possible.

Back to coding for now :).

::code, code, code, code::

::some time later::

More updates. I got some boundary checking finished. The code now checks if bullets have left the field of play. If they have, they are immediately removed from the game. I don't like the way it feels though. I'm thinking of implementing a Wall game object. This way, there will be four Walls that comprise the "field of play". If I go this route, than I can use normal collision detection for boundary checking as well. Basically, if a bullet collides with a wall, remove it from play. Also, if a ship collides with a wall, don't let it go any further. I will feel more comfortable when all this code is using the same collision detection algorithm rather than numerous "special cases". This could also open up some interesting game mechanics (like having a non-rectangular field of play or adding obstructions in the middle of the field of play, etc.).

So after that last coding session, I am exactly where I wanted to be by the end of tonight (and I still have another hour of coding left :)). Maybe I will move on now to writing up the Wall object I talked about above. If I can crank that out real quick-like, I will whip up a CollisionDetectionService that will be used to detect collisions. Then the SpaceballsGame class can determine what collision interactions it needs to deal with (like Bullet -> Wall, Ship -> Wall, etc.).

If I can get all that finished tonight, I will be ahead of where I was hoping to be at this point in the project (although perhaps not, since I won't have any coding time on Thursday Night, Sunday, or Monday :(). The good news would be that almost everything would be in place to start dropping in enemies and getting them going :).

Until next time, I'll see you on the flip side :).

Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2006 4:50 AM Game Development | Back to top

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