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I am now XBox 360 bound :D. It was one hellish of an experience getting one (that, and an HDTV). I called around to at least six different GameStops and EBGames in the Portland area. Not a single one had a single 360 in stock (hell, at this point in time, I was willing to buy just a core system and buy the various pieces in the bundle even though I would be spending more money in the long run). At this point, I'm thinking that Microsoft must be _SOOOO_ rich that they don't even want my money in the first place. Luckily, the last GameStop I called said they didn't have any but they were sure some of the stores in Vancouver (the 'Couv as we yokels call it) did. The first GameStop I called in Vancouver had a couple of the Bundles, just what I was looking for! Yay!

So, off I go. I stop at the GameStop in da 'couv, pick up my 360 and then I'm on my way to Best Buy to pick up an HDTV (after all, isn't it sort of pointless to spend the cash on a 360 if you don't have an HDTV to run it on? (I mean, why push all those pixels and amazing graphics if you can't truly experience them, right?)). We (my wife and I) ended up buying a 27" slimfit so it would fit in our car and existing television cabinet at home (plus, anything larger than 27-29" is really too big for the size of room we have it in). I even found a great price on one that supported both 720p and 1080i so I don't have to worry about all that mumbo-jumbo (at least I think, but I'm sure there are others out there that could "educate" me on the situation and show that I still have a lot to worry about (like "native resolution/display", etc. but _whatever_)).

Now just to get the bad boy home. And that's when it starts. We get the tv out to the car and..... it doesn't fit. Boy am I feeling like a jack-arse at this point. So, we call up the good ol' father-in-law since he has a full size car. Luckily, he was footloose and could come help us out. So, we're sitting out in the parking lot with our tv sitting behind our car while he is on his way. Then it starts raining. GREAT. So, I rush back in and grab a cart, rush back out, put the tv on the cart, and haul it back inside. Whew! That was a close one.

My father-in-law then arrives on the scene. We go to put the tv in the trunk, doesn't fit. Crap! We go to put it in the back seat, doesn't fit. CRAP CRAP! Buuuutttt, it _almost_ fit in the back seat. With a bit of coaxing and box "reshaping" we were able to get it in the back seat. At this point, I'm utterly ecstatic since I'm close to getting my new toys home and I get to be in bless for an hour or so before some friends show up for dinner plans that we had made earlier.

I get home, take out the tv and go to place the tv in the entertainment center: doesn't fit! Crap, the opening for the tv is about two inches two small to accept the new television. Well, time to do some cabinet modding ::grins::. Since the entertainment center is one of those cheap Sauder-like cabinets, I have no qualms about doing some exploratory surgery on it. I go ahead and unscrew the top off and whack out _everything_ in the middle (the divider down the middle between the component shelves and the tv as well as all the shelves themselves). With how the tv is shaped, I can fit my components just behind the front of the tv and off to the side. Sweet! Everything fits now. On to the 360 :).

So, I take everything out, hook it all up and decide to clean up after myself since we have company coming over. After throwing all my trash away, I plug in the control and sit back on the couch (ready to have my socks knocked off). Then as soon as my first game boots up, DING DONG, guests are here. Damn! So close. We spent most of the evening with our friends so by the time they left, I was exhausted and had to go to bed in order to get some sleep for work today.

I can't tell you just how tempting it was to stay home from work today to give my 360 some much needed love. But seeing as my mommy didn't raise no fool, I know where my paycheck comes from (the thing that enabled me to get a 360 in the first place, I might add). So, here I am sitting at work doing "my thang" while my 360 sits at home gathering dust. Luckily I came into work quite early today so I can leave work quite early :). Then, it will be all-out 360 gaming bliss :D.

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# re: I have joined the 360 ranks
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Add DarthNode to you Live friends list!!!
Left by Jeff Julian on May 08, 2006 9:30 AM

# re: I have joined the 360 ranks
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great, we can kiss the Tanks tutorials goodbye for the time-being.

Oh yeah, I remember when you started playing WoW and were like "... yeah I'll find time for the tutorials..." yeah RIGHT.

Left by Ben Scheirman on May 08, 2006 9:39 AM

# re: I have joined the 360 ranks
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What's your Gamertag? (mine's Supachunk)
Left by Jason Mauer on May 10, 2006 7:04 PM

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