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I came across this distro yesterday. What can I say? Okay, yes, I'm a geek :). I'm wanting to learn the game Go and get into it a bit so I was looking for free Go resources. What did I find? Well, a live cd linux distro specifically tailored for playing Go :). It comes with a slew of tutorials, a full local copy of a popular Go wiki, a Go server, a bunch of Go clients as well as Go game file editors/viewers.

I downloaded it last night and captured the ISO into a Virtual Machine in Virtual PC. Now I'm rocking and rolling :). If Go has ever caught your attention, give Hikarunix a go (pun intended (yeah, I know, I suck at being funny sometimes (okay, all the time, I admit it))).

P.S. See folks, I'm not dead :). I've just been _really_ busy with work and family lately. Not much else to post as of yet.


Posted on Monday, January 30, 2006 8:00 PM | Back to top

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