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Well, the RSS feed over at Managed World is now up. Quite an interesting journey if you ask me. The bummer about the current setup of Managed World is that all the pages are static. So, all the files are just plain, static, HTML files and the RSS feed is just a plain static XML file. I want to be using GameDev right now so I'm fine dealing with that. Plus, just because the files are static doesn't mean I have to hard code it all :). Since I *am* a programmer, I wrote a quick little Windows Forms App that is my “publishing” app.

All posts and such are stored directly in an XML file and the application gives a quick easy interface to be able to add new posts and edit or delete old ones. Then I just use two simple XSLT stylesheets to generate the home page and rss feed. It works perfectly find for now. I know it might get a little out of hand if this thing ever takes off. If it gets to that point, I will look at getting some official hosting to support more needs. But considering I am a cheap-skate and a lazy bum, I think the current setup works just fine. Plus, I got to learn a lot of things about programming XML that I didn't know before :D (which is always a good thing!).

Posted on Sunday, October 3, 2004 6:14 AM Game Development | Back to top

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