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  • jolson88 You know, for supposedly being in the post-PC era, I'm seeing a lot of tweets about the new Mac in my Twitter feed. #fb about 677 days ago
  • jolson88 @Anyware I find the difference in perception fascinating (and frustrating). about 680 days ago
  • jolson88 @Anyware Agreed. I've often wondered whether apps like yours can do well in freemium. about 680 days ago
  • jolson88 @Anyware Curious, have you tried an ad-driven freemium approach? about 680 days ago
  • jolson88 @Anyware Thx for the write-up! You know, I've been curious how well the freemium model would work outside of games... about 680 days ago



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Yup, yet another post from me :P. I wanted to let you all know about Brandon Furtwangler, if you haven't seen the stuff he is doing already. Check him out and enjoy! Posted on Thursday, September 30, 2004 1:54 AM Game Development | Back to top

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