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Well, tonight was Rory's last Nerd Dinner before he moves to New London to co-host the dotNet Rocks show. Many attended. Jim Blizzard and Chris Sells were both there. Rory was there of course, along with Kori. Many others were in attendance as well.

It was real nice to finally meet Chris Sells, almost like meeting a celebrity I dare say. I believe all of us were a little jealous when Rory opened his going-away present from Chris Sells: a framed picture of Chris himself! Personally, if I were Rory, I would go out and get that picture duplicated. Pillow cases, bed sheets, lunch boxes, thermoses, sheep-wool with anti-fading, super-duper, long-lasting, I'd-buy-that-for-several-dollars, this-ain't-like-yo-momma's, picture-protecting, pull-over. Well, you get the point. I'm pretty sure Rory is going to run out and do all of this before he leaves. After all, he will need someone to sleep next to in New London or it might get kind of lonely, and who would be the perfect match? Yup, you guessed it! Chris, the “Totally-Amazing“, “Omega-Owning“, “I-saved-because-I-bought-it-in-Switzerland“, “I-like-to-give-others-pictures-of-myself“, “Be-careful-not-to-fall-on-it”, “It-won't-scratch-because-it-is-actually-Saphire”, Sells. But then again, it just might be me. I tend to cherish these moments, with all the glitter and magic in the air of course, they make me all happy inside (but then again, I may just feel happy inside because I just fell on something (or because I am a rather a large, rotund person who tends to retain heat more than the juicy, fem-Ton-Ton-fetale-yearning, ball-licking insides of a Ton-Ton on a cold winter's night on the planet Hoth (note: Hoth, with an H, not Oth, not Hot, not Th, but Hoth, with an H))).

Oh well, if any of you in the Portland area missed seeing Rory off, don't be depressed, put down that Peanut Butter Jelly sandwich (it's only food, it won't make you a better person (note to self: it's only food, it won't make you a better person)), because Rory will be giving a presentation at the next Padnug meeting. By the sounds of it, Rory will be using his all-omnipotent powers to take about the past, present, and future of programming as well as something about pigs-or-something-or-other.

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