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Well, I went to the local PADNUG meeting tonight. It was a Longhorn presentation by Scott Hanselman and Jim Blizzard. Also at the meeting, I finally got to meet Rory, although I found out that we actually have seen each other before at the local Game Developer user group and never officially met. ANYWHO.... A couple of observations

- Scott is a very funny guy and, in my opinion, a really good presenter

- Rory. Believe it or not, Rory is actually more funny in person (if that's even possible) when you get the full effect of his humor.

- Bill Evjen. Well, even though I didn't meet him, Scott told me a couple things about him after the meeting when a bunch of us headed over to the Buffalo Gap. The topic just came up because I told Scott that I was blogging at Don't worry, Mr Evjen, he said only nice things :~).

This gets me started on another topic though. How can you name your restaurant the “Buffalo Gap” and keep a straight face when you tell all your friends about it. When we were having drinks upstairs, I was honestly expecting to see a “Mr. Bison” fashion-show contest during the band's break. You know, the kind of show you try to tell your family about, but they won't believe you because they just think you had one too many alcoholic hoo-nannies with the shagaligger vodka and a slight twist of dingle berries. That's right kids, dingle berries. If ya' don't get my jistizille, ask the Poop Report, that'll explain it to ya', lil rascizzle.

But have no fear, there was a good outcome. I got a complimentary buffalo wool ribbed crew. You know, ribbed... for her pleasure. Okay, so I got carried away, it was a lambswool ribbed crew, and it was from A “gap”, I'll give you that much. But it was still for her pleasure! Okay, there was no her. And I didn't exactly get it, I stole it. And by “stole it”, I mean I never had it. And by “never had it”, I mean this was all a lie. Please forgive me for I am starting to melt and must go re-freeze. I say good-day! I SAY GOOD-DAY!

Oh yeah, there is no winner. It was just a clever scam to try to get you to read this worthless post. Perhaps I should never try to be funny at all, ever, since there obviously is no comparing to Rory. With that in mind, I shall go cry now.


Posted on Thursday, December 4, 2003 11:21 PM | Back to top

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# re: And the winner is....
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If I guessed, it probably had something to do with Microsoft conference traditions and swimming pools.
Left by Bill Evjen on Dec 05, 2003 6:18 AM

# re: And the winner is....
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"Rory is actually more funny in person..."

I don't actually remember being all that funny last night :)

I remember being in near pass-out mode, doing my best just to keep the "givens" going (breathing, heart beating, things like that).

I do, however, remember *you* being rather bloody-well funny. The post on those moments ought to be going up sometime between now and midnight.

Anyway, it was nice meeting you (for the second time, but I feel that this meeting was more officialish).
Left by Rory on Dec 05, 2003 7:38 AM

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