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Rory Blyth describes a problem he had with Comcast tech support. When will Comcast get their butt in gear here? Has anyone ever had a “decent” experience with Comcast technical support? I certainly haven't.

First, I proudly say that I am a loyal DSL user. I know all the arguments about Cable being faster and everything, but it comes down to the one fact that I am totally happy because I have never once had to deal with the chimpazees that work for Comcast. Well, almost never.

You see, I have a friend who was having internet connectivity problems and wanted me to come over and help him out. The tech had me jumping through all sorts of loops (which an out-of-shape man like me is not used to doing) and what's the conclusion he came to in the end? “Sorry, sir, but your ethernet card is bad”. Bullcrap! First of all, I can ping every other computer on the network (there were three other computers). His reply? “An ethernet card uses different parts to communicate with the LAN than it uses to communicate with the WAN”. OMG! Did he just say that? So, to drive the point home that it was not the ethernet card, I walked him through all the other computers, trying to get the internet working. Lo and behold, none of the computers worked. He actually had the nerve to say that the ethernet cards on all 4 computers were bad. I told him that two of the computers worked both at the office and at my home but still the canned response, “your ethernet cards are bad”. After explaining my point, I actually got him to send a tech out to look at the modem.

At least the experience with the on-site tech was better. I should perhaps explain when this started happening for my friend. My friend's roomate moved out and he switched the the internet account to my friend's name. Well, the moment that happened, the internet connection went down. I explained this to the tech on the phone, but I never got an answer besides “your ethernet card is bad”. Well, the on-site tech came out to look at the modem. The second we explained the switching of the account, the on-site tech said “you can't do that, you need to get a new modem and register that with the new account”. Well, he was nice and didn't charge us for the modem since corporate dropped the ball. The second he hooked in the new modem and registered it, “BOOM”, everything was working again.

Now, I pose this question, what kind of animals are employed as tech support at Comcast? I have a feeling that the only requirements for being a tech support technician at Comcast are as follows: be potty-trained, can answer a phone, can throw feces at customers. Well, the tech I dealt with definitely had the throwing feces thing down, I'm pretty sure he wasn't potty-trained due to the smell over the phone, and I don't think he knows how to answer phones. My assumption is that he was walking on all fours past a cubicle, heard a person's voice coming from a semi-phalic shaped object, so put the object to his face (which he always does with phalic shaped objects).

How any of you had experiences with Cable Internet tech support? 

Posted on Tuesday, November 18, 2003 11:43 AM | Back to top

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# re: Whatever happened to customer service?
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"He actually had the nerve to say that the ethernet cards on all 4 computers were bad."

I think that this is where my tech was headed before the phone connection was "dropped."

I wound up calling back and requesting that a "tech" come out and "fix" the problem.

They said they'll charge me for it if it's determined that the problem is my fault. When they're the judge and jury, I don't think my chances of getting out of this fee-free are very good.

Cable may be faster, but DSL works, and I had it for years without a hitch. I'm already missing it...
Left by Rory on Nov 18, 2003 12:50 PM

# re: Whatever happened to customer service?
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I've always been on DSL myself. This one experience has scared me away enough that I will never subject myself to this torture.

If it makes you feel any better, the tech that came out and fixed my friends connection found out it was because the modem was not "registered" with Comcast so they didn't charge him anything.
Left by Jason Olson on Nov 18, 2003 1:02 PM

# re: Whatever happened to customer service?
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Cable internet and Comcast are 2 different things. I am not sure why you apparently have the idea that cable internet and Comcast are interchangable, but unless you live in a nieghborhood where 1 company's DSL and Comcast's cable are the only 2 internet choices available, your post makes little sense. I was a "loyal" DSL user, one of the first residential DSL customers in my city, in 1999. I made the switch to cable this year because DSL is not offered in this nieghborhood for less than $100 a month. the DSL customer service I had through the years was worse than anything I've seen in your posts, by far. The service I recieve now I can't really comment on because I've never used it. I had DSL before Windows 2000 was released, I had to hack a method of networking things and using the modem with Whistler Beta 1, etc (my DSL provider didn't support that modem with windows 2000 yet when I was running Whistler on it). I eventually switched from my original DSL provider because they wouldn't give me a new modem (mine was over 3 years old and made for Windows 98) or even sell me one unless I paid $100 to have a technician verify that it was broken. Then my new DSL provider went out of business before my 3 months free was over, so I went with a third provider and moved 4 months later and now have cable. And NONE of the 4 companies above are Comcast.
Left by Shannon J Hager on Nov 18, 2003 5:06 PM

# re: Whatever happened to customer service?
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Hi Shannon! It's great to see new people come across my blog. If you don't mind me asking, how did you find it? Anyways.....

"Cable internet and Comcast are 2 different things. I am not sure why you apparently have the idea that cable internet and Comcast are interchangable"

Sorry, this was my mistake. I did not mean to communicate that I thought Comcast and Cable internet are interchangeable. It was a connection that slipped my cursory glance of the post since I am still fired up about the experience. The only cable provider in my area I have had experience with is Comcast so I know I really should be comparing my current service with Comcast service, not cable internet service. Thanks for pointing that out!

After talking to a few more people, I am fulling coming to the conclusion that quite a bit of the time the bad experiences aren't necessarily with the actual company, but with just the tech support technician. For example, I am using Verizon for my current DSL provider and they are wonderful to me. My service hasn't had as much as a hiccup in over 2 years and customer service has always been great to me. However, I have heard many Verizon horror stories also.

Perhaps in the future I should calm my nerves a little before posting such emotional responses. Then again, that is one reason I put it into the "personal" category.

Regardless, I hope that your future ISP experiences are better than the ones you had in the past.
Left by Jason Olson on Nov 18, 2003 5:19 PM

# re: Whatever happened to customer service?
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I found the blog via the geekswithblogs main feed.
I don't think my future ISP experiences can possibly be as bad as my past ones. But even if they are, the 1.2MB - 1.5MB speeds I loved for years with DSL have been replace by 3MB cable speeds, so I can put up with a little trouble... :)
Left by Shannon J Hager on Nov 19, 2003 6:18 AM

# re: Whatever happened to customer service?
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heya i'm a comcast agent ^^ lol yea i kno but i like to think i'm atleast decent with computers, but i have heard soem of the things other people have done to teh customers and i still can't belive it
Left by pete on Apr 06, 2005 12:20 PM

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