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  • joeolsen Business Invention. RT @montrealad: "The New Agency Model is the ability to turn Consumers Insights into Client Business Opportunities" about 658 days ago
  • joeolsen #omaha airport authority, can we pleeease retire “Kracky McGees” and get a @Starbucks? about 658 days ago
  • joeolsen @openemu Anymore open beta slots? I would love a compiled version so I don't have to download and compile myself :) about 659 days ago
  • joeolsen Congrats #chicago! Amazing way to win the series. Let’s see a bruins sweep! about 660 days ago


I heart interactive Digital marketing and interactive advertising junkie October 2008 Entries
Microsoft Surface, telephones, walkie-talkies, and software mash-ups
So we got a Microsoft Surface machine at Phenomblue a couple weeks back and the tech team freaked, as expected. Everyone from art direction to programmer to business development were all over the machine from the moment we received the thing from Fed Ex. After the quick and rather ravenous un-boxing, the attempt to follow terribly inaccurate documented setup procedures, and ultimately an undocumented trial and error period, we fired up this future box for a test drive. From the first attract application ......

Posted On Monday, October 6, 2008 1:47 AM

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