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  • joeolsen Business Invention. RT @montrealad: "The New Agency Model is the ability to turn Consumers Insights into Client Business Opportunities" about 658 days ago
  • joeolsen #omaha airport authority, can we pleeease retire “Kracky McGees” and get a @Starbucks? about 658 days ago
  • joeolsen @openemu Anymore open beta slots? I would love a compiled version so I don't have to download and compile myself :) about 659 days ago
  • joeolsen Congrats #chicago! Amazing way to win the series. Let’s see a bruins sweep! about 659 days ago


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1One of our developers at Phenomblue posted a cool little Adobe Air app to use as a real time play list for    WOXY is an independent Internet radio station playing all the latest and classic Indie rock.  It's by far my favorite radio station and we actually stream it through our office all day over the PA system.  Anyway, check out the widget here.

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