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I use Subversion ( via Apache ( I use CruiseControl.Net ( as our build server. I setup Subversion in a non-standard manner. And, it could account for the problem. All the users who access Subversion, do so via a domain login. That is except for the build user. I setup the build user as a local account on both the Subversion server and the Build server with the same password. I then setup a second location alias in Apache to also use SSPI authentication, but I set the "SSPIDomain" to Off. This allowed the user base to only have to put in their username without a domain and the allowed the local accounts to work via the second location.

All was fine until I started getting a build Exception that said "authorization failed." I was able to reproduce this and I tried all I could think of to fix it. Yesterday, I had an epiphany (understand I am paranoid): I setup the account to use SSL, and then to use basic authentication. I had avoided this in the past because I didn't want any passwords embedded in any scripts.

…The problem occurred only occasionally, but seemed to be occurring more often...

I also added another directive:

Order Deny, Allow

Deny from all

Allow from


I believe with this added, I have now effectively locked access down to only the build server.


Posted on Wednesday, February 20, 2008 9:12 PM | Back to top

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