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Monday, October 31, 2011

Custom assemblies for Reporting Services

With SSRS we can quickly generate reports that can be exported to multiple formats. What happens when you want to extend your report with custom code? Friday November 11th 2011 (this Veteran's Day) I'll be talking about just that in Eden Prairie MN during: Perhaps you need a custom authentication layer, custom access to data requiring .Net code, or you want to extend some of the controls that come out of the box with SSRS. In this session we will see an example of extending SSRS to use a .Net library for a data provider allowing us to use a custom .Net business layer for our report. We will also show an example extension to the SSRS graph control allowing us to make design graphs for SSRS. Custom code is a great alternative for those considering using toolkits like Nevron or Dundas toolkits to extend their SSRS graphing capabilities


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