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January 2011 Entries

There is a growing consensus that the Scrum community should do a better job of promoting Agile engineering practices along with the project-level guidance provided by the Scrum process. I agree. But I feel cautious about a debate that seems based on the assumption that any Agile technique is the de-facto standard for developing software. It's true that Agile has been around for over a decade, but its adoption isn't a given. Many development teams have a fundamental misunderstanding of what Scrum ......

It's been interesting for me to dive a little deeper into Scrum after realizing how fragile its adoption can be. I've been particularly impressed with James Shore's essay "Kaizen and Kaikaku" and the Net Objectives post "There are Better Alternatives to Scrum" by Alan Shalloway. The bottom line: You can't execute Scrum well without being Agile. Personally, I'm the rare developer who has an interest in project management. I think the methodology to deliver software is interesting, and that there are ......

I am in the midst of witnessing a variety of teams moving away from Scrum. Some of them are doing things like replacing Scrum terms with more commonly understood terminology. Mainly they have gone back to using industry standard terms and more traditional processes like the RAPID decision making process. For example: Scrum Master becomes Project Lead. Scrum Team becomes Project Team. Product Owner becomes Stakeholders. I'm actually quite sad to see this happening, but I understand that Scrum is a ......