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December 2009 Entries

It's nice when well-designed software works. It's even nicer when you find yourself actually using a tool instead of spending most of your time just figuring it out. Enter my new favorite project planning tool: Bright Green Projects. The first thing to know about this tool is that you can sign up and evaluate it for free. And you'll want to. The first thing that struck me about Bright Green is that it isn't Scrum-specific. It can handle traditional Waterfall projects just as easily as sprint-driven ......

Scrum Tool is the plainly-titled tool written by the creatively named Zsolt Debre. Even the product homepage is straightforward: As you might expect from a tool whose homepage looks like it was written in 1994, Scrum Tool is currently in Alpha. Despite its novelty, Scrum Tool definitely seems to be heading in the right direction. It has many hard-to-find features that immediately put it ahead of the pack: It's a GUI app, not a web app. You are not constrained by HTML, and ......