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Today Doug came in with his Zune 30 and said, “Look at my screen, this is where it has been for 30 minutes.” I was shocked cause I had never seen that before, then I looked down at mine to find it synced with the exact same screen. So my question for Microsoft is “Why?”. Doug came back to the office a few minutes later saying the Zune boards are going crazy with this happening. I have my Zune 4gb right next to it and it is still working so this must be a Zune 30 only issue, but I can not completely ......


Just a friendly reminder to plug in your Zunes today and get the latest and greatest in Zune software. If you don't have a Zune, today you can go get one of the 2nd generation Zunes at your local retailer and join the fun. Technorati tags: Zune ......


The Zune and XBox 360 are amazing pieces of hardware and software working together to make an amazing media experience. Recently, I introduced Microsoft IPTV technology into my home and have loved every minute of that experience as well. But now, Microsoft announces the next level of media experience with Surface (every blogger will mention it today). It is definitely the most amazing machine and technology I have ever seen for the home and entertaining industries. I have already been passing my ......


With the help of this post, I am now listening, downloading, and syncing my Zune and the Zune Marketplace on Vista. Amazing to see these two products working together. I have the following apps running at the same time with no performance issues I used to have on XP: Word 2007 open (writing my portion of a book) Couple IE windows Virtual PC 2007 with 1024MB allocated to a running machine (Windows 2003 and SharePoint 2007) Outlook 2007 Zune player listening to Blue October (amazing CD!) Windows Live ......


I know I have been a little Zune crazy lately, so I will tame it down after this post. ZUNE ACCESSORIES ARE AT WALMART.... Last night when we went to Walmart to purchase some Christmas paraphernalia for our house, I walked through the electronics department as I always do now looking for Zune accessories and there it was. The Zune car charger and FM transmitter! This device is average when it comes to FM transmitters and the charger cords is quite short and tightly wound in the coil so it is hard ......


Well I am still downloading (or attempting to, not looking so good) Vista from MSDN, but I am not sure how I am going to use it. You see (and have probably already heard) that the Vista team is on one side of the campus and Zune team is on another. The distance is so far that they were unable to communicate and test products together. So the Zune doesn't work on Vista. Now since Business Customers don't use Zunes, they will release an update just in time for the Vista Home release in January. So ......