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John and I sat down with one of the Adobe Evangelist, Terry Ryan, to talk about the shift of products from Adobe, developers, and designers.  Adobe is one of those unique companies having quality products that are able to reach into developers lives and designers lives.  Photoshop and illustrator are amazing tools that designers use to produce the work we enjoy.  Developers can use Brackets and PhoneGap to build quality HTML for use on web sites or mobile applications to break through the barriers that is HTML, CSS, or native application development.  Adobe has done a great job of moving way from only offering Flash and Dreamweaver for these problems and is really interacting with both sides to find out what tools will really help developers and designers build sites quicker while retaining quality.

During the conversation we get into the divide between developers and designer and discuss a way to get closer for the benefit of each group.  Designers need to know HTML and CSS now and developers need to know what makes good design and user experience (UX).  Each group should not be concerned the other one will learn enough to put them out of work.  Instead the collaboration will cause our applications to be richer and lead us down the right path of future application design.  Developers and designers do need to realize that each group analyzes and solves problems differently.  Each side is not wrong, but required to process information is different ways to come to a solution. 

I am very excited about what our two groups can accomplish together and I hope we see more integrated groups on a local level or conference level in the future.


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