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I love Google Analytics!  It helps me so much during my day-to-day maintenance of and our other sites.  I can see so much data about our visitors and come up with new ways of delivering more content to our readers so they can really get the most out of our community.  Browsers and Browser Versions is a big indicator for me to help decide what we can support and what we need to be testing with.  The clear browsers of choice right now are Chrome, IE, and Firefox taking up 94.1%.  The next browser is Safari at 2.71%. 

What this really brings to my attention besides I better test well with Chrome, Firefox, and IE is that we are definitely missing an opportunity with Mobile devices.  We really need to kick up the heat when it comes to a mobile presence with as a community and the blogs that are on this site.  We need easy discovery of new content and easy tracking of what I like.  I am definitely on mission to make this happen and it will be a phased approach, but I want to see these numbers changes since most of us have 2 or 3 mobile devices we use for Social activities, but tools are lacking for interacting with technical data besides RSS readers.

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