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Photo Jan 19, 8 17 49 AM

One of the great things about 2012 is that I am not in our office nearly 100% of the time during business hours.  This is the first time I have been able to work from our office this much in about 4 years.  In fact, we have moved three times during that four years and I have only averaged about 10-25% of my time in the office. 

This means I can actually setup my desk for development instead of business related tasks only.  That means THREE MONITORS!  My first reaction after a week with this setup: I never want to go back to two monitors. 

Visual Studio is a beast when it comes to multi-monitor support.  It remembers where you placed your floating windows and keeps track of all the other goodies.  I do wish I could detach a document and then make it dockable by other monitors, but at least with Windows+Left and Windows+Right and I quickly tile the documents on the external monitors. 

So far with an MVC application I have been working on I was able to have SQL Server, Visual Studio, detached Solution/Property/Team Explorer and my browsers all open at the same time.  I can already find a use for going with 6 monitors now, but that will have to wait…

I am definitely excited to see this new setup working for some of our SharePoint consulting and Team Foundation Server help we do.  Those projects always have a need for multiple applications and flipping between quickly to get the job done.



Kevin Tews, a very awesome guy who was the organizer of my trip to Haiti two years ago put together and amazing video from some of the photos I took while in Haiti.  Even today, I have still not got back to spunk I used to have for photography before this trip.  When you see this through the lens, it is hard to want to take a picture of a park or cityscape.  Seeing the devastation and the beauty of Haiti definitely changes a person. 


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