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Check out the post over on the StaffOfGeeks blog outlining our participation at TechEd 2011 Atlanta.  We are so excited to see how, the best Microsoft blogging community in our opinion, can change the way people blog at TechEd.  We are doings so by facilitating a new area we helped design called The Blogger Hub.  In this area we have dedicated areas for writing blog post with hardwire network drop and power for your laptops, an education area for learning how to create a blog and getting started blogging, and speaker/influencer interviews for bloggers to sign up to interview notable people at TechEd to help create content for their readers. 


John Alexander and myself will be facilitating this area every moment it is open, so please feel free to come by and say hello.



Ahhh, the beauty of having Windows Live Writer on the mac again, I love it. 


So when I bought this machine, I said I would never run Boot Camp, Parallels, or Fusion on it because it only has 2GB of ram that is not upgradeable and who can run a VM with under a 1GB ram dedicated?  Well the answer is Windows 7 Starter Edition. 

How did I come to that conclusion, trial and error. 

We are prepping for a big event at TechEd 2011 (the announcement will be coming soon) and I needed Windows Live Writer on my Mac cause these WLW-alternative apps still suck pretty bad when comparing to WLW and they actually cost money.

So I bit the bullet, downloaded Starter edition from MSDN and install Parallels.  Each installation ran perfectly with no additional help needed from me.  I told Parallels to set it up Mac-like with Coherence and off it went.  I then installed what I hope to be the only app I use, Windows Live Writer.  Took maybe an hour of unattended install to get it all setup.  Now I run Windows from Parallels when I need to blog.  Yeah it has a significant startup time and does take up several GBs for one app, but man is that app worth it when it comes to blogging.

Now I will have to ability to create some GWB specific content for how to use the site and the tools we suggest via my mac without using a weird and poorly designed blog editor.