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MacBook AirSo we are at almost two weeks since I purchased the 11 inch MacBook Air and the question would be asked, would you buy it again now that you had one?  The answer, absolutely.  I am amazed at the speed.  Engadget suggested that it was slow on their podcast, but I have to disagree.  I only have the 2gb and 1.4ghz model as well, the only upgrade I was able to purchase at the store was the 128gb SSD.  I would say it is fast enough for what I use it for.  Blogging, Word, Outlook, Excel, surfing, music, video playback and other common tasks.  This is not my development box, it will never run Parallels, Fusion, or Boot Camp for me.  I won't even install XCode on here for messing around.  I have the bigger, beefier box for that.  This is my business machine.  I will use this for the day-to-day tasks of co-running and AJI Software.  When I am consulting though, I will wake up the MBP 17.

What is my favorite aspects of the MBA11?  Size, hands down is number one.  It is just big enough for comfortable typing and the resolution is high enough for comfortable editing.  I am writing this post with it right now and I am not using any external devices besides the Magic Mouse.  I am not a on-board trackpad kind of guy, so the Magic Mouse gives me the touch interface and movement of a mouse.

Next aspect I enjoy would have to be Instant On.  Never have to wait or click anything to get this thing to come on.  Open the lid and bam, it is on.  Amazing how nice that is when you use your machine and a "got a few moments, lets get something done" box.  Instant on should be adopted by all portable devices in the future.

Third and last all time favorite thing is the weight, it is a light box.  It is comfortable on your lap.  You never feel like you are going to drop it while carrying it.  It won't add any noticeable difference to your bag.  It doesn't make a thud when you sit it down.

So would I buy it again, Yes.  Would I suggest it to a friend, if they have a need for portability and productivity.  College Students, absolutely.  Developers as a main box, no.  Moms who have young kids, sure if the kids don't touch it.  It is small which makes it fragile.  This is not a desktop replacement, it is a productivity enhancement.  Now if syncing technologies would be better and not require paid subscription, we would be golden, for a few days before needing something else :D.

So, does anyone else have one of these?  What do you think?

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Funny thing I also bought a MacAir late last year. In my case I am using it to learn development outside of the windows environment, though. I agree with you, though: it's a really nice piece of hardware.

Left by Hector Correa on Apr 09, 2011 8:16 AM

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