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I am learning how to write apps for the iPad/iPhone/iPod!  Why, well several reasons.  One reason, I have 5 devices in my house on the platform.  I had an iPad and iPhone, Michelle has an iPhone, and each of the kids have iPod Touches.  They are excellent devices for life management, entertainment, and learning.  I am amazed at how well the kids pick up on it and how much it effects the way they learn.  My two year old knows how to use it better than any other device we own and she is learning new words and letters so quickly.

Because of this saturation at home, it would be fun to write some apps my family could use.  Some games to bring the hobby of development back into my life. 

Second reason is we want to have a Geekswithblogs app for the iPhone and iPad.  We are not sure if it is purely informational (blog posts and tweets) or if members want to be able to publish from the app.  Creating a blog editor would be tough stuff, but could be just the right challenge.

There are so many more reasons, but the last one that really makes me excited is that it is a new domain of development where I get excited when I think about writing apps.  That excitement level where I want to see if there are User Groups and if we are just watching TV, to break out the MBP and start working on it.  That excitement level where I could really read a development book cover to cover and not just use as a reference.  I really do like this feeling.

Who knows how long this will last and I am definitely not leaving .NET.  Microsoft software will always be my main focus, but for the time, my hobby is changing and I am getting excited about development again.


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