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4346009737_b4ccb64de2 My Haiti trip was amazing, I learned so much from the culture and how much love they have.  I can’t really express my emotions well still because it is a major adjustment to see people living with so little and going through so much while having huge hearts, and coming back here where we have so much and worry about everything.  It is a little to get used too.  Imagine watching a movie with 300 kids who the majority of have never seen a movie and a few days later getting on a plane with TVs in the headrest and kids complaining that they can’t watch a particular show.

Any who, more to come for sure, but here is a photo slide show from my trip.  I will continue to add pictures as I get a chance to review.



Please take an opportunity to take a look at what the Global Orphan Project is doing in Haiti and around the world,

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On Thursday, February 4th, I am leaving with 7 other men from my church to go to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to work in a temporary orphanage for a week.  I am definitely excited to go on this trip and I really feel God is calling me to go and spread the gospel and bring whatever joy I can to these children.  We are going with a ministry called the Global Orphan Project based in Kansas City.  They currently have several orphanages around the world and in Haiti, but with the need for more homes for orphans after the earthquake, they created a Temporary Village outside of Port-au-Prince and this is where we will be working. 

We are hoping to return next Monday, but we may stay until Tuesday.  The main goal for our team is to interact with the children at the village by playing games, telling stories, drawing, and just being a kid.  After nearly 18 months in youth ministry, I know how to think quick when it comes to making up games, so I should have some skills in this area. 

Tonight we are packing our bags as a group.  We are allowed two 50lbs bags on the flight along with our carry-on so we are packing the two bags with clothing, games, dental products, soccer balls, crayons, and other supplies for the children and our stuff in the carry-ons. 

I would like to solicit as much prayer as I can for our team while we are on this trip.  I know we are about to enter a country that has been devastated by this earthquake and some of the experiences I have will be life changing.

(Side Note: Yes, I know, do not take the children outside of the country would out the appropriate paperwork.)

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