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image Last week I deployed a small update to based on a blogger suggestion to get the last version of the Admin Blog Editor’s input control on the server so he could do some cool stuff he wanted to with syntax.  I published that update and then fixed some of the annoying CSS issues we had on the server side to make it a little cleaner looking UI.  I need to do more work for sure, but I fixed the majority of the issues.

Another area I put some time into was the long standing request for allowing users to control the number of tweets that show on their blog (with a cap of 10).  I have noticed a few registered bloggers add themselves for the SEO and twitter integration only, so pushing more than 10 would probably prolong this issue.  You also have the ability now to say “Do Not Show” and the twitter widget will not show, but your tweets will still remain part of the community feed. 

Idea Request

Beyond just showing the latest tweets from the community, how would you like to interact with this data?  What else would you like, what would be beneficial for you to see?

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