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Hello again!  This is my first time to blog since July and that is a little bit long I know.  So what has been going on?  Well quite a bit actually. 

First, Addison and Brandon are getting quite a bit older and are more active.  I truly enjoy spending time with them in the evenings and that takes a lot of time out of blogging.

Second, my role as youth leader at my church has been taking a larger priority in my life than when we first started our youth ministry.   We are now up to 40 students at our Saturday night events so I have needed to place more effort into the planning and preparation of that.

Third, we have moved…a lot.  In October I moved my house and our John and my office in a three week span.   That remains to be fun as we start to unpack boxes. 

Fourth, I needed a break from blogging.  My blog has grown more and more non-technical and more about what is going on with Geekswithblogs instead of the cool stuff I am working with.  I hope to bring back some energy into the work I am doing in ASP.NET and the cool stuff coming out.

Well off to work for now, hope no one comes down with a case of the Mundays… (yeah I said it)

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