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06252009 - Loose Park

Well that title may be a little misleading, but I fixed several issues with the community twitter tools we have on Geekswithblogs including integrating the Follower counts for each member into a new twitter cloud. 

The link to the community twitter portal is:

I also fixed a few linking errors:

  • Underscores are supported for those who link to … ummmm… D’Arcy is the only one I know who uses underscores so him.  @darcy_lussier
  • #Hashtags will not turn into links for search
  • Thanks to the twitter admins, we now have unlimited rights to request using the API so we have updated the processing to every 2 minutes. 
  • I fixed some issues we had with our scheduled twitter tool for loading status updates

If you see some more issues with the twitter integration or really want the ability to turn it off on the side of your blog, please post on this entry.  Thanks


06252009 - Kemper Art Musuem


With the popularity of twitter growing, we wanted to enable users to have the possibility to have a shorter URL for posting.  To complete the idea, we purchased and, and you can selected which ever you prefer.  Once the request is made it will be redirected to the page under that domain, but it will shortcut the amount of characters needed.  Here are some examples:

I hope you enjoy these additions.   Photo was taken by me on 6/25/2009 at 5:00am while I was waiting on @clinted to wake up.  He forgot to set his alarm.

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I first need to start this post with a thank you to Lance Robinson for submit all the required work and the idea of a search provider.   Now when you visit the Homepage, if you drop down your search providers list you will see a “Geekswithblogs” listing as well as a highlighted link to add the Geekswithblogs search provider to your browser.  With this, you then can use the Geekswithblogs search for finding answers to the questions you have. 


Our search is powered by Bing, but it is pretty much the same result set Live Search would give for our entire site.  We still need to review what the changes in the Bing API would do for our integration with the search engine and how we would display that information.


Please remember at any point you have an idea on how we can change, please email us and let us know what is on your mind.



It looks like someone (probably search engine bots) were a little more excited with these servers than they were with the last and made over 10,000 requests in a minute, causing IIS to shut down.  I up-ed the limit and am going to keep an eye on concurrent connections for awhile.  If you see any issues with GWB, please @jjulian message me on Twitter or email me at jjulian AT  Thanks!!!!


We are now live on the new servers! 


Some of the other sites are down for migration like the support site, but I hope to have them up soon.  If you see any problems, please let me know ASAP by email jjulian AT or DM me on Twitter @jjulian.


06012009 - Portland Head Light

Maine was great!  This passed weekend and beginning of the week, my wife and I took our first vacation without the kiddos since our honeymoon in celebration of our 5 year anniversary.  At first we were looking for places like New York or Chicago to go, but I wanted to get away from hectic life and visiting large cities is just a hectic as real life in KC.  So we decided to go to Maine on a whim.  Since it was so unlike us (mainly me) to not do trips like this, we went one step further and only planned the airfare and rental car.  The rest of the trip was in God’s hand and it was amazing.  Most of the time we went Lighthouse to Lighthouse, took photos (my new hobby), and just relaxed and checked out the area.  We were able to get a convertible from the rental car place which made the drives even better.

I totally would suggest anyone get away in this style.  Now I am sitting back in the hot office (for some reason GWB HQ AC is not working right), but I feel relaxed and ready to kick 2009/2010 in the rear.

Here are some photos from our trip:

06012009 - Portland Head Light06012009 - Turn To Clear Vision06012009 - Pemaquid Point Light06012009 - Lighthouse From The Top06012009 - Marshall Point LightDyce Head Lighthouse - 05312009Deer Isle - 05312009Stonington ME - 05312009House & Dock - 05312009Pumpkin Island Lighthouse 02 - 05312009Small Bridge - 05312009Bar Harbor - Storm - 05292009Bar Harbor at Sunset - 05292009Michelle - 05292009Tug Boat in Bar Harbor - 05292009

So What’s Next:

Now that I am back, I have started transferring the database and web servers to their new homes.  This includes a lot of third-party applications for ticket tracking, statistics, email, advertising, ftp, documents, and newsletters.  I am doing each application one at a time leaving the main site for the last since it is the biggest.  I will post in the new few days to let you know everything has moved.


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