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Today Doug came in with his Zune 30 and said, “Look at my screen, this is where it has been for 30 minutes.”  I was shocked cause I had never seen that before, then I looked down at mine to find it synced with the exact same screen.  So my question for Microsoft is “Why?”. 

Doug came back to the office a few minutes later saying the Zune boards are going crazy with this happening.  I have my Zune 4gb right next to it and it is still working so this must be a Zune 30 only issue, but I can not completely confirm that.

More to come as we find out why the Zune’s are dying on New Years Eve!!!


12-31-2008 10-35-40 AMMicrosoft knows there is a problem!!!  But, I wouldn’t say most users are patient.  It is the day before a holiday and now most Zune owners are going to be forced to listen to the RADIO!!!  If you are like me and have had the Zune Pass for over 2 years now, you don’t own any CD or MP3 anymore.  Microsoft has a lot of PR to do with this one.  This, IMHO, is much worse than the BSoD that happened at CES with Gates on the stage.

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LiveSearchI just realized that even though other team members have mentioned the new search integration for the Geekswithblogs Community Portal, I have not.  I want to thank all those on the Live Search team who have worked with us to be one of the first sites to integrate with the new Search 2.0 API. 

To gain access to the new search, just go to the homepage of and enter a search query from the blue cloud in the top right corner.  It is just that simple.  Next phase of this integration will be individual blog search powered by Live throughout every skin we offer.