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DSC_6574The GWB Staff is here!  We arrived at the HDC Omaha this morning after a few hours in the car.  The trip was fun, but trying to take photos of the leaves changing wasn’t going to happen with the down pour we drove through the whole way. 

Joe Olsen, founder of Phenomblue, was gracious enough to give us a personal demo of a Microsoft Surface, big o’ table.  That thing is freaking cool.  If they had a version that was half the price and kid proof, I would definitely be replacing my living room table today.  I didn’t use it much, but I did play with the puzzle application and that was pretty fun.  I am extremely impressed with the way the camera’s work and the detail they grab. (photos below)

Now we are waiting for the show to get started in our suite at the Hilton.  (Post photo of Jerod in the room).  Chris Williams and gang should be joining us soon. 


DSC_6549 ChrisWilliams
DSC_6566 DSC_6560


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