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With the PDC right around the corner, my wife and I decided I needed a better place to work from home so I could get my mind focused and get the next version of the site cranked out.  This meant I was able to move into the "play room" and take over the portion of the basement where the exercise equipment resided.  No, that doesn't not mean I have given up on working out, I would just rather use the gym's equipment as it is nicer quality.  In fact, I just took my fitness age test and am now 46 (compared to the 76 I was 3 months ago) and was able to do 34 pushups in a row (for the pushup testers out there).

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we haven't forgot about you and are heads down adding some new features to get them out the door by PDC.

BTW, yeah that is one really huge bean bag chair in the right bottom corner.


Thunderbird @ Airshow - Downtown Kansas City AirportI know this is a bit off topic, or am I kidding myself by assuming I have an actual topic.  Anyway, today around lunch some planes were practicing for the Air Show in Kansas City and we got some awesome shots.  If you are in town and the weather is acceptable, I would suggest this event.  It looks like it is going to be awesome.

Here are some shots I took with the D300.  Thanks to Doug for driving me to the different locations again, he is the best photo driver.

Fighter Jet - Downtown Kansas City Airport Stunt Plane - Downtown Kansas City Airport
Thunderbirds - Downtown Kansas City Airport Stunt Plane - Downtown Kansas City Airport
Thunderbird @ Airshow - Downtown Kansas City Airport Thunderbirds - Downtown Kansas City Airport
Geico Stunt Plane - Downtown Kansas City Airport Geico Stunt Plane - Downtown Kansas City Airport


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DSC_1252 As Chris mentioned earlier, will have an official presence this year at the PDC.  We will be a Silver Media Sponsor and will have a booth for registering members and teaching people about blogging.  To keep the buzz going at the event while we are in the booth, we have invited Chris Williams and D'arcy Lussier to help us out.  They are going to be an amazing addition to our onsite team.  Thanks for taking us up on our offer guys!

Jerod will be sending a newsletter out this week to our members to collect information on those who are going to be at the event.  Like the MVP summit, we want to give our bloggers something special for being such a great community, so please keep your eyes out for that.

Right now we are still working out the details of everything that is going on at the event, but my main focus is to finish the redesign and have it launched before we get to LA.  Please wish me luck. 

[On a side note, the spider pictures really don't represent the information in the post, but we went for a walk tonight and my wife hates spiders so this was my only venue for sharing them as I was told not to publish it to Flickr :D.]



2706590470_2ca9068aca_b OK, I have heard you loud and clear, the comments suck in SubText and on  I agree, but I don't have near as many problems with people being able to comment as others do.  This leads me to believe the problems lay in two places, the skins or the custom HTML code fields. 

Most of the time when I am debugging a blogger with comment problems they are due to some javascript they have embedded into the news section of their blog.  However, this is a problem so we need to get it fixed so I need you (bloggers and readers) to comment and if you can't get it to work on the various blogs and skins, email a screenshot of the error to