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My church, the Berean Bible Church, is one of the over 200 churches that are participating in an awesome event in September.  We will be broadcasting the Focus on the Family's Truth Project training live on September 27th.  The Truth Project is a small group program for Christians that goes over the biblical worldview for comparison to your worldview.  I have been through the program and lead a group and I really enjoy the content.

DSC_1717My role, along with some other guys at the church is technical maintenance and audio production.  Hard to believe eh?  During services I run the audio equipment and ensure the sound levels are good and also work with the house lights.  Since we haven't podcasted much lately, it is good to get back in audio production.

Here is a shot of my station during services and events.

Last night, in preparation for the September event, we ran a live test run with a one hour session with the Truth Project's leader, Del Tackett.  The event was broadcasts over the CCN satellite network so every church involved in this event has a satellite on their building.  The participants could ask questions via email or fax and Del would respond to those questions during the Q&A portion. 

They are looking to do more events like this through Focus on the Family which will really help bring relevant content to these churches along with the ability to interact with the presenters.

For more information about the September event, click here or if you are in the KC metro area, click here.



Look what I get to prepare this week!  I am so excited.  We are building some new internal environments and decided to spring for some new servers.  Aren't they pretty.  I can't wait to smell the Quad-Core 2.0ghz Xeons cooking with 8GB of RAM each machine.

I will post more about what we are doing and hopefully some more pictures, wish me luck!

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Oh the joys of Fatherhood.  One day a year, we get put on a pedestal that we don't deserve and get shouts of praise and love from those around us.  This year I wanted to spend my day doing an activity my family could do together and it just so happened that my son's favorite toy was in town (Baldwin City is close enough to Olathe to be considered in town).  Not only was Thomas the Train here, but he was live sized and you could actually take a 25 minute ride along with him. 

Needless to say, my son was freaking out.  First he got to ride a School Bus which he had never done before, but when we entered the town square and there was Thomas, he was amazed.  The whole day was full of "I can't believe this is happening" expressions.  One of those unforgettable days for me as well.  Here are some photos from the trip.

106 032
056 114




One of the greatest pieces of third-party software was updated today and I must say, this app is sexy!  At least that is the first comment that came out of my mouth when the SnagIt Editor started up.


(Oh what irony when I have to use Paint and Windows Print Screen to take a screenshot of SnagIt because it auto-hides the application to take a shot of something else.  They must be bashful :D)

Some of the new features you can expect are:

  • Sequential Captures
  • Multi-image capabilities
  • Quick Styles
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Ribbon-based Menus
  • Auto-store Images
  • Image Tray
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Automatic tagging
  • Custom tagging as one image or batch
  • Quick Flags
  • Visual Search Pane
  • Visual Bookmarking

But like I said earlier, the new UI is awesome.  If you already own a copy of SnagIt, check this link to see how much the upgrade is.  The core product is only $49.95 and the upgrade from 8.x looks like it is $19.95.  This tool is essential for writing blogs, articles, or books.

[Update: I originally had the pricing at $24.95, it is actually $49.95]


38197-spam We are making a large effort to get rid of the SPAM coming through the comments on this site.  To help me out (for now) can you forward your SPAM comments to  This will then let me see the spammer's style and create a blocking technique.

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D'Arcy is definitely killing the Speaker Idol presentation.  Start booking your tickets for #teched09 to hear D'Arcy keynote the event.

DSC_1357 DSC_1373


gwb_finalSome of you have probably seen the new logo on our shirts that we gave out at the MVP Summit or on a few of my posts and wondered what is going on.  We we are in the process of redesigning the community portal (currently just a homepage) of the site to allow readers and visitors of the site to learn more about who our bloggers are and what topics are of interest.  With this redesign comes the a new look.  This means we are killing the Green Monster.  Sad day for me when we go live, but it had to be done.  However, while I am on the subject of go live, it will happen soon.  Michelle and I are expecting in late June/early July so I want to get everything done before them.  Wish me luck.

The main purpose of this post is to give you a look at what we are working on and tell us what you think.  This page was a fun one and many people are shocked at the size of the blogger cloud, but try it out and let me know what you think.  Also, try it on the other browsers you have and take a screen shot if you have problems.  The sort order is based on recent posting and the size is on the amount of posts total.

Click Here For A Preview

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DSC_1221John, Jerod, and myself are here at teched 2008 | Developer Edition in Orlando, FL, however we have no clue of who else is here from  Please leave a comment or come find us at the Party With Palermo event tonight.  GWB is definitely a proud sponsor of that event and we want to encourage others to join us for a good time tonight. 

Jerod and Jeff

This year we arrived a day early on accident as most teched events kickoff on Monday.  So to pass the time we played a roaring good game of putt-putt golf where I shot 5 under on the advanced course.  Oh yeah...

Again, leave a comment or come say hi tonight!