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Logo This was a really fun interview, because we had the chance to talk to Toi Wright and Amber Weiss, the two people who coordinated the event, and who we worked with closely during the event. Toi coordinated this event by contacting charities in the Dallas area, gathering their requirements and defining a selection process. She was looking for charities who were in need of a software solution, but something that could be completed over the course of a weekend. She also sent out the call to local developers and developer teams who were looking to give back to the community. After the selection process, 18 charities remained and 3-5 developers were assigned to each charity.

Amber is with BravoTech, a technical recruiting firm in the local Dallas area with a reach into several dozen metropolitan areas. She and BravoTech opened their doors to the charities and developers for the weekend, and placed them throughout their office space. It was a major undertaking to accommodate 80+ developers, 24/7, for almost three full days. Food and snacks were everywhere and readily available, and stock in Mountain Dew jumped 7 points.

In the interview, Toi and Amber discuss more of the challenges and rewards that came with this event, as well as tips, advice and obstacles for anyone else wishing to host a similar event in their community.


Listen to the Interview with the event coordinators


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