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I wanted to let all the members who read my site (and readers as well) of some of the new features we have on our skins for the Twitter and Tag features released last week.

If you integrate your Twitter account with your Geekswithblogs account, not only will you be part of a new Main Feed for Twitters, but your blog will show your 10 latest Twitters on the skin.  Here is a view of what this looks like.


Additionally, when you use the Tagging feature, a new Tag Cloud will show up on your blog as well.  This will show the top 10 tags and a link to see your entire Tag Cloud.  I really like the idea of tagging and I hope everyone on Geekswithblogs will start using the technology.  Here is a look at the Tag Cloud.


Also, GWB members will be getting an email in the next few days covering the features so if you want to make sure it doesn't fall through the spam filter add blogs AT to your mail tool.

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Hi Julian,
Am new to GWB. I want to know what's the difference between post and article? Where can I mention Tag when I write posts?

Venkatesh R
Left by Venkatesh on Nov 24, 2010 12:10 AM

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