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Lately, I have started using Google Reader for my feeds when Outlook 2007 decided it didn't want to read my feeds anymore and I started missing valuable content.  I absolutely love the interface of Google Reader, it is very fast a with the HotKeys, it feels like a desktop application.  However, the add subscriptions functionality is less than desirable.  Inside IE it will freeze up quite often and just sit there bubbling green goo out of the beaker.

To get around this issue, I created a IE Search Provider to submit a feed through the IE search box and preview the feed in Google Reader, where I get a subscribe button that works much better.  To do this, follow the steps below and let me know what you think:

  1. From IE, drop down the magnifying glass and select "Find More Providers".
  2. On the right side where it says Create Your Own, paste the URL as "*/feed/TEST" and name it Google Reader.
  3. For Security Reasons (hehe) make sure you click the Install button.

Now you are done.  When you find a feed you want to subscribe to, paste it in the IE Search box and select the provider as Google Reader.  Once Google Reader loads, click the Subscribe button in the upper right-hand corner and you are done. 


I love SharePoint and after the book was published and I started reading the competitive books, I love it even more..  With that, I am going to start focusing this blog on SharePoint related data, and of course Geekswithblogs news as well.  With that, I definitely want to stick to the development side of the house and wanted to know what you would like to see extending in SharePoint 2007?  More Blogs and Wiki features than the community is already offering?  Tutorials on Features, Web Parts, etc?  Let me know what you really want the community to publish to help you and I will see if I can deliver.  I don't ever do this and I have my own ideas, but I really want to see what everyone else is dealing with.

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March 2-6, 2008, I should be in Seattle at the Microsoft Office SharePoint Conference 2008 event.  I don't know if they heard me when I mentioned the php/mySql driven site (probably not), but now the site is actually a SharePoint 2007 site. 

Hopefully more information will come out about the event, but you can register to get more information here.


I am kind of late to announce this, but our book is out...and selling quite well

One problem with the first print was that Wrox accidentally left out the acknowledgments.  They have stated that it will make it in the next print later this summer.  Since we actually will have more than one print, I am excited.  Jim Minatel from Wrox stated, "This book was one of two or three HOT SharePoint titles too hot for the Tech Ed bookstore to keep in stock last week. It's not surprising to see the Amazon rank start to peak! Good work guys!"  Rob Foster's book was one of the others that sold out at TechEd.

Here is my missing Acknowledgements:

I would like to thank Michelle and Brandon for their understanding and support during the making of this book. I would also like to thank all the members of who have lived without updates to the site during the writing process. And finally thanks to my parents, Debbie Clouse, James C. Clouse D.O., FACOI, FACNP, R. C. Julian III, and Ann Julian for all of their encouragement.


While installing the eScrum template I ran into some pretty cryptic issues with the project management site working.  This is the site that installer ask you what virtual directory you would like to associated it with. 

The app was returning me the error:  Failed to retrieve WorkItemStore Service on server: SERVERNAME or there is no project found with name: PROJECT NAME.  The unfortunate problem with this issue is that it has nothing to do with the actual project not being found on the server, but what assemblies you have in your project. 

The readme file states: "The machine that hosts the eScrum web components will need TFS DLLs installed by either the full Team Foundation Server installation or the Team Explorer installation (the client portion of TFS)."....  OK, TFS DLLs, there are a lot of them and they are not in one location so....nice.  So after massive amounts of debugging, I have found the required list of Microsoft.TeamFoundation.*.dll files.  Here they are:

  • Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client.dll
  • Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Common.dll
  • Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client.dll
  • Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client.DataStore.dll
  • Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client.Cache.dll
  • Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client.QueryLanguage.dll
  • Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client.RuleEngine.dll

This list of dll's should be added along with the other required assemblies (XSS Controls, AJAX, AJAX Control Toolkit).  If you find any other assemblies needed, please place the comments here.

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I have to say I am excited to see Microsoft release a new process template named eScrum.  After installing it I must say I am pretty happy thus far.  Steve Loethen goes into more detail about what the template offers.

One issue I have with these new Microsoft project that use other downloadable Microsoft project to build their solutions are the constant list of separate download and moving dll.  Just push the version you used with the download.  In eScrum's case, they have you download ASP.NET AJAX, Microsoft XSS Library, and AJAX Control Toolkit.  Arrgggg...

One you start downloading the extra dlls you need, if you do not have version 1.0.10301.0 in your library of controls, you will need to follow the steps in the troubleshooting section that redirect the version of these controls the application will use.  Arrrgggggg....

If you download the latest version, the readme will tell you to add this section to the web.config.

    <assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1">
            <assemblyIdentity name="AjaxControlToolkit"
            <bindingRedirect oldVersion="1.0.10301.0" newVersion="1.0.10606.0"/>


Microsoft announced a SharePoint Conference in March of 2008 and when you visit the site, the only link is to register for updates.  On the page URL for the registration confirmation page is

Not only are they using mySQL, but the page is built using PHP!!!!

Don't let this detour you from going to the conference however, I am sure it will be a great event and I plan to attend.

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