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This post will update my original post of configuring with Windows Live Writer (previously using .Text). 

In this version, I will discuss how to a SubText blog with Windows Live Writer to get the most out of writing blog posts.  I can't emphasis enough that external blogging tools are important to your day-to-day blogging activity.  Unlike browsers, these tools allow you to write, stop, and come back and write some more.  You can leave the window open all day and just come back when you get a chance.  They also let you load up recent posts quickly and make any changes you need to.  And a product like Windows Live Writer has all these features and more and I have to highly suggest you give it a try, even it you have another tool.  Enough of the sales talk, lets get into the configuration.


Step One - Choose Blog Type

  • Select the "Another weblog service" option

Step Two - Weblog Homepage and Login

Step Three - Detecting Weblog Settings

  • Get up and get some water, this should take about a minute.

Step Four - Weblog Configuration Complete

  • You are finished!!!!  Start writing!!!

That is it, all you have to do this time around.  If you notice in Step Four, the weblog provider is SubText. If you already have your weblog configured, instead of adding a weblog, edit your existing one and the steps should be pretty much the same.  If not, take some screenshots of the process and email them to and I will create another post.

Remember to review my post on Pings and Windows Live Writer if this is the first time you have configured Pings. 


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Gravatar # re: Configuring Windows Live Writer with SubText
Posted by Steven Harman on 4/18/2007 9:46 AM
Good stuff Jeff! Now I finally have somewhere to point people (like mom and other not-so-techie-folks) when they ask how to setup WLW with their new (Subtext powered) blog.

Gravatar # re: Configuring Windows Live Writer with SubText
Posted by Simone on 4/18/2007 3:45 PM
Well... not it was very difficult...
just tell to WLW the url of the blog, and it will discover everything by itself
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