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I can not attend CodeMash myself this year, but when I got wind that Josh Holmes will shave his head if they receive 500 posts about CodeMash, I had to participate. 

The reason is simple, Josh would look funny with a shaved head.  Not just funny, but hilarious (and it is a good event).  Why do I want Josh to look funny you might ask?  We at TechEd 2005 in Orlando, Drew Robbins (Microsoft's Dancing DE) and I decided to have a private competition of Dance Dance Revolution.  Well Josh and his video camera made this event not so private.  At the same event, we received jersey's from Microsoft with our last names on the back, so it is not hard to tell which one I am.  Here is the clip.


CodeMash looks like a very exciting event, and if you are in the area, I would highly suggest it.  So join me in helping spread the word about CodeMash and lets make Josh look like Mr. Clean.  (Use the Technorati tag "CodeMash" in your post)



John and I are in Atlanta (sorry D'Arcy) for a class John is training on Team System (I am observing for my class coming up in a couple weeks) and we decided to drive up the Greenville to visit Chris, Jason, and George while they are busy at work on their latest game

These guys were very hard at work and I can't believe they have the energy to work on something of this size on their own time.  We had a blast meeting George and hanging out with Jason and Chris.  Chris' Store, Reality Check, has come along way since the last time we visited in September.  John and I purchased a WoW card game starter kit each to show some support and Jason was the first to attack the newbies into trading cards that we had no idea what we had.  Oh well, he seemed happy with the cards we traded.

Here are some photos from our visit:

The Guys Chris and George Jason and John

Sorry I am not in any of the pictures, I am always the guy behind the camera. are my answers anyway.  I think it is a fun topic.

[Update: Or maybe I just can't read well...Chris Haaker (can't believe he isn't an MVP yet) tagged me last year and I just didn't see it.]

  1. was created because I was kicked off of (A.K.A  The back story was, a few of us were discussing the differences between VB and C# and we can just say the conversation started to get heated.  Toward the end of the conversation, Cory Smith and I were the last to post and that afternoon, ScottW decided it was time for us to go.  He deleted our accounts and later when I went to log in, I was told no account exists.  At that point I was fuming!  After work I went home, bought the domain and started building my own.  8 hours later I had the first version of GWB up and running.  After a few months of trying to finish my project (I hate admin tools), I gave up, made peace with ScottW and installed .Text.  3 years and some change later, we are the largest Microsoft-oriented blog community that is not owned by Microsoft.
  2. When I was 18, I weighed 270lbs.  Then when I was 19, I weighed 165lbs.  I did a hardcore diet of protein shakes, chicken and rice for 6 months.  Every day the same meal.  The weight just started flying off with my daily workouts.  I had to quit my diet due to a Gallbladder removal that was probably due to the weight loss.  That killed my energy and I slowly started gaining back the weight.  Now I am back up to around 270lbs and have started working out again, but I am doing it smart and slow this time.
  3. I used to ride sport bikes at crazy speeds on public streets.  My top speed was 167mph on a major interstate in Kansas City with 20 of my closest friends.  I tried the track a couple times, but it wasn't for me and I decided to sell the bike to help pay for my wedding.  I really miss that bike and it doesn't help that my brother now co-owns a Suzuki shop.
  4. I used to be a DJ in Kansas City.  I was 18 years old and one of my buddies in school was a DJ, so I followed him around a few nights to see how it was done.  After a couple weeks of training, I started doing some different hours and then evenings for him.  It was a blast and I still wish I had some time to do it again.  When I finally quit doing college parties and clubs, I had over 5k invested in equipment that just has gathered dust over the years.  Actually, our original podcasting was recorded with some of my old equipment.

  5. I have once lost a job due to running THIS community.  I won't go into details, but the owner did not like what we were doing after hours with Geekswithblogs and PodcastStudio and I was let go.  Told you I really love this community, enough to be unemployed at one point.

Well I won't tag anyone until I actually get tagged, but I wanted to make sure I got my "Top 5 Things You Didn't Know About Me" before the fad died off.


[Update:  Now that I realize I have been tagged, here is my list:  John Alexander, Dru Sellers, Tim Hibbard, Trisha Lacey (George tried and I will follow up), Steve Loethen.]


This morning while working on the book John and I have been working on for a few months now I got a nice email from Microsoft welcoming me to the MVP program.  I really enjoy being part of this program and having another year is in it is awesome.  Happy New Year!!!