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I have found a great new hobby, disc golf.  Here are my Top 5 Reasons why more geeks should start playing:

  • Disc are only $10-$15 and can be found at your local sporting goods stores or Disc Golf Online Stores.
  • Courses are FREE!!!  You just walk on and start playing
  • Shorter courses, like Executive Golf Courses, can be found offering a great lunch break.
  • Wow, what a workout!  (hint hint D'Arcy)  I am in pain from playing yesterday.
  • Great sport that everyone on your team can enjoy. 

Maybe if we can start a new culture of geeks playing disc golf, we will launch a blog site for disc golfers.  I think Geekdom has a need for an official sport and paper football, airzooking, or WoW won't get us the exercise needed to continue ruling the world with lines of code.  That is a catchy blog title, Ruling the World with Lines of Code, feel free to take it.

Here are a couple photos of a disc golf course we played yesterday:

Narin Launching Independence Course New Clubs

Does anyone else play this sport?


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I found this site today (guessing some of you have seen it to) and I must say I love the idea.  It analysis your Vista Score data and gives you a nice little HTML blob to share your Vista score on your blog as well as other tools.  You can also view top performers in graphics and processors.  Very cool!

 Here is my score (laptop):

 (yikes, but I still have Aero Glass)

The site uses your latest WinSAT XML file (located %windir%\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore), review file if you are scared to send data


With the help of this post, I am now listening, downloading, and syncing my Zune and the Zune Marketplace on Vista.  Amazing to see these two products working together.  I have the following apps running at the same time with no performance issues I used to have on XP:

  • Word 2007 open (writing my portion of a book)
  • Couple IE windows
  • Virtual PC 2007 with 1024MB allocated to a running machine (Windows 2003 and SharePoint 2007)
  • Outlook 2007
  • Zune player listening to Blue October (amazing CD!)
  • Windows Live Writer
  • MSN Messenger
  • Windows Mobile Device Center (synced with my Mobile 5.0 phone)



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This site chronicles the different types of Wii carnage when the controller gets loose during game play.  Check it out.


CNET has publish a nice tribute to James Kim who passed away trying to find help for his family.  Check it out.  You could tell just from these videos of his work that he was definitely a family man how much he mentions his daughter.


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