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Tomorrow morning at 11 am, Joseph, Dru, Tim, and I will be leaving Kansas City to head to the South Carolina Code Camp.  Why is John not going?  He is, but he is speaking in Birmingham for INETA and will be driving to Nashville to meet us around midnight.  The trip is estimated at 16 hours and since we have 5 drivers, we are going all the way through.

Tim and I have been working franticly to get Where's Tim and ready for the road trip podcasts.  Tim has been adding Podcasts and Photos to his site with GeoRss points on the map.  I have been creating a new feed and an application that will pull the GPS location of our car and publish the podcasts via phone connection.  GPS development is fun in .NET 2.0.  Easy and one of the cleanest feeds I have ever seen from a COM port.

Here is what our route looks like.

RSS Feed for the Road Trip!

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