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I added OPML this morning to Alpha I have been working on.

Next step, I want to add a few of you to this testing, if you are interested, send me a quick email with the bloggers you want in your feed and will try to get you setup for testing.


OPML checked by


If you visit the main page of, you will notice the, digg, and reddit link at the bottom of each post.  This is a quick feature I added and plan to add to the feeds and blogger sites.  Do everyone like this?  What other sites do you use like this?


We are still under development, so this is not a beta release to the public, but I thought I would let you in on what we are coming up with.

This is a sample of the first piece we are adding to Geekswithblogs 2.0, Customizable Feeds.  We will have a tool that will allow you to search through all the bloggers on the site and pick the ones you would like to aggregate.  Also, the site will have the ability to create several of these feeds so you can separate the bloggers into your own categories.  This example is a feed of 8 bloggers I have selected and the latest 25 posts from them.  Once the tagging system is completed after the release of this portion, it will be added to the customizable feeds allowing you to select bloggers and tags for your feed.


At the South Carolina Code Camp, John and Dru interviewed Chris Williams and Doug Turnure and discussed what it took to organize the event.  If you are thinking of doing a Code Camp in your area, or want to learn from the experience of any tech events, this is a good listen for you.



Tomorrow I am giving a presentation on WCF for the St. Louis DevCares event.  I decided to come early so I could get away from the office and focus on getting my demos ready for tomorrow.  Once I arrived, I remembered the STL .Net User Group meets on the day before ours, so I stopped by and chatted with Scott Spradlin, who runs the group. 

This however was not an uneventful day.  Due to some database server issues, GWB was running like crap to be blunt.  That and with an abnormal amount of traffic for a Monday, the site was very slow for most of the morning.  It is still not where I want it to be, but I have to get through this presentation before I have time to invest in configuration tweaks with .NET and IIS.  Please bare with us, and I will make it up with features added soon. 

On a side note, here is a picture of Brandon wearing a hat.  He never lets us put hats on him, but since he is so cute with them, we found if we put it on his head and them distract him with something else, he will wear it for a few moments.  Aren't kids just fun.

Brandon's hat starts going Deadlock crazy.  Sorry guys, I am working on the problem now and I hope this will fix these issues permanently.  Bare with me this morning if you see the site go up and down.


When I heard D'Arcy received the ubur Mac today, I just kept thinking of this video.  This video does have some bad language so be warned:

Today I was suppose to take out my old macs to a gun range (field) and go to town with a shotgun and glock, but bad weather stopped that. Maybe next time I am at my inlaws we can do it again and I will have a nice video for the mac users to cry about.


I have been brainstorming with other community members lately to find what the next compelling features of Geekswithblogs would be.  We have lots of ideas but the two that stuck out in my head are:

What do you think?  I hear often that people want a smaller communities that have a focus (Don was nice enough not to mention us as a bloated community).  These sites are starting to pop up and are getting lots of traffic.  Even though the content is similar on our site, we have so much content, it is hard to find the specifics you are looking for.  The ability to register and create a feed based on tagging or bloggers you like would help make these smaller communities within the larger community possible.  Tagging would let me post about ASP.NET and let readers of the ASP.NET feed see my content, but miss the content I publish about Geekswithblogs, unless they added me to their blogger feed. 

So again, what do you think?  Would you use this if it was available and easy to use?  Subscribe to one feed, but have a web admin tool for changing that feed when you want.  I know I will.


After digging and digging for members (why don't GWB members play this game again), we finally have our Guild on Duskwood!


Check out the Green Monster tabard to fit with the site!


Greg Young, a "part-time" member of this wonderful community, was nice enough to record a show talking about Debugging in .NET 2.0 and X10 gadgets.  Greg is definitely one of the brightest guys I have met in a long time and we had lots of good conversations throughout code camp.  I will publish more podcasts next week from the event and continue until we leave for HDC!



We just need a few more signatures on the charter and we will have the guild ready to go.  A few Microsoft people are joining as well, this is what helped us get over the hump.  If you want to join, I will be online tonight after 7pm CST and whisper me with your location and we will find a place to get your signature.


[Update: My characters name on Duskwood is Darthnode]


If you want to recap our trip and see what we did, visit


Here is the list of all the podcasts were recorded in the car on the way to and from the South Carolina Code Camp:

  • Day 4: Thank you for your messages (Sun, 17 Sep 2006 19:41:09 GMT)
  • Day 4: The Casualty (Sun, 17 Sep 2006 19:02:40 GMT)
  • Day 4: A Stop at Dave Ramsey's offices (Sun, 17 Sep 2006 12:55:13 GMT)
  • Day 4: Saying Goodbye to John (Sun, 17 Sep 2006 12:40:40 GMT)
  • Day 4: Back Back Seat Podcast (Sun, 17 Sep 2006 10:32:56 GMT)
  • Post Code Camp Interview (Sun, 17 Sep 2006 09:26:15 GMT)
  • Reality Check Podcast (Fri, 15 Sep 2006 19:13:05 GMT)
  • Day 2: Dazed and Confused in the Carololinas (Fri, 15 Sep 2006 13:29:45 GMT)
  • Are we there yet? (Fri, 15 Sep 2006 12:37:58 GMT)
  • Day Two: Breakfast at Shoney's (Fri, 15 Sep 2006 09:38:35 GMT)
  • Seventh Inning (Thu, 14 Sep 2006 17:24:44 GMT)
  • Front Seat Pocast (Thu, 14 Sep 2006 14:40:18 GMT)
  • Zune Talk (Thu, 14 Sep 2006 14:00:03 GMT)
  • The Bike Shop (Thu, 14 Sep 2006 10:59:16 GMT)
  • Introduction to Tim Hibbard and Dru Sellers (Thu, 14 Sep 2006 09:05:32 GMT)
  • Introduction to the Road Trip (Wed, 13 Sep 2006 10:43:46 GMT)

    You can subcribe to the feed for this road trip here for your podcast aggregator.


    We had so much fun on this trip.  I did most of the driving on the trip, because I am most comfortable behind the wheel and I have never been able to drive that much before.  Being in the car with these guys on the way home from 6am to 2am was great, never a boring moment. 

    Then something happened that just changes everyone's memory about the trip.  Dru and Joseph were passed out in the back and something was telling me to quit driving for a second and take a break.  After 3 24oz coffees with 3x caffeine, it was probably me needing to pee.  There is a exit about 30 minutes before Kansas City with an open gas station so I picked it.  Tim and I hopped out of the car and chatted outside for about 10 minutes then we got back on the road.  Once we turned out of the gas station, a ambulance and fire truck get on the highway heading towards Kansas City.  We think nothing of it and just follow so we can get home.  About 2 miles up the road, we see a wreck where they are stopping and wake the other guys in the car.  Since vehicles were on both side of the road that were part of the wreck, I stop.  A cop starts waving me past and I was confused because there was stuff spread all over the road.  I follow as I am suppose to, but right behind the cop I see something on the ground.  Another cop began to cover up a body with a white cloth and I got to see the guy before he was able to finish.  I immediately look away and focus back on the road and then I notice a shoe in the road about 25 yards from the accident. 

    No one wants to have to witness this and I still can see the shoe in the road and it is disturbing.  I tried to find out more about the wreck, but since it was between the cities, it wasn't covered in the paper.  Whoever that was on the ground, I pray their families are ok and working through the grieving. 

    After we passed the wreck, to break the ice, we discussed other wrecks we had witnessed and did our best to stay away from any other cars out of paranoia.  The other wrecks we saw on the trip were nothing like this one, and I bet everyone in the car will remember that person on the road and they will always that event when thinking of our trip.


    Joe Olsen, who is the most interviewed person by Podcast Studio, delighted us again with an update on the HDC 2006 event in October.  This event is going to be awesome, and if you are attending or thinking about attending, this is a must listening to podcast for you.

  • The Podcast Download
  • Heartland Developers Conference Website



    On the way back from Code Camp, we stopped in Nashville to drop John off at the airport and get lunch.  Well being only a few miles from Financial Peace Plaza, where Dave Ramsey records his radio show, and driving the car, I took us by the building.  It was very exciting to see where the show and program I have been listening to everyday for 2 years is recorded and produced.  This picture we took was from the back of the parking lot because there was something going on upfront and this was as close as we could get.  We also dropped a podcast from the parking lot as well.

    [Update: I fixed the podcast link to]


    We are 1/3 of the way through our trip so watch and listen to us as we travel to SC.


    Watch us here!


    Today, John and I will interview Joe Olsen of the Heartland Developer Conference to kick off the Road Trip.  Joe has been organizing the HDC for a few years now and the event is awesome!  Last year, John and I traveled to Iowa to attend and record from the event and it was my favorite event of last year.  I am very excited about the HDC06 event in Nebraska and if you are considering attending, think fast, they are almost sold out.   We will release this show via the Road Trip feed as we plan to do the same trip with the HDC06 this year.  Subscribe to the feed below.

    RSS Feed for the Road Trip!


    Tomorrow morning at 11 am, Joseph, Dru, Tim, and I will be leaving Kansas City to head to the South Carolina Code Camp.  Why is John not going?  He is, but he is speaking in Birmingham for INETA and will be driving to Nashville to meet us around midnight.  The trip is estimated at 16 hours and since we have 5 drivers, we are going all the way through.

    Tim and I have been working franticly to get Where's Tim and ready for the road trip podcasts.  Tim has been adding Podcasts and Photos to his site with GeoRss points on the map.  I have been creating a new feed and an application that will pull the GPS location of our car and publish the podcasts via phone connection.  GPS development is fun in .NET 2.0.  Easy and one of the cleanest feeds I have ever seen from a COM port.

    Here is what our route looks like.

    RSS Feed for the Road Trip!


    I recently upgraded my DSL line when I called AT&T to remove CallNotes (so annoying).  The sales rep asked my if I wanted to review the rest of my account and see what is now available.  As this usually means you can save money, I agreed.  When we got to the DSL portion, the Pro line I was paying for was $39.99/mn at 3 mb/s which doesn't seem that bad.  She asked my if I wanted to upgrade to the Elite DSL Line Plan and I started drooling.  I asked, "What is an Elite Plan?".  She said, "It is our 6 mb/s DSL plan and it just was added to your area."  OMG, 6 mb/s DSL, that would be amazing, but it has to be $59.99 and that would be very TMMO me to do.  So I continued somberly with, "What is the price?"  To my surprise she replied, "$29.99/mn for 12 months".  So as you can imagine, a ten dollar discount for a year and twice the speed, sign me up.  So here are the results of my line test using (amazing testing interface).



    Well Friday I quit smoking and now I am on day 4.  I wish I could say this was the first time I have tried, but I believe I am on number 5 of this round of smoking.  I quite 2.5 years ago for a year, but when things were going crazy with Brandon and the brain doctors, we started again.  Well that is all clear and there is no reason to continue, so we quit on a 3 day weekend. 

    What was my weapon of choice this time?  Commit Lozenge!  Patches suck and they aways peal off and leave soars on your skin.  I have never tried gum, but I am an annoying gum chewer (chomp chomp) so this seems to be the best route.  So far so good.  I hate the no drinking 15 minutes before or during cause these little dudes take an hour to hour and a half to disolve.  Oh well, only a few weeks then I will be over the shakes (just kidding). 

    Wish me luck!


    John, Joseph, Dru, Tim, and I now have shirts for our road trip to the South Carolina Code Camp

    Our corporate model - John Alexander - was nice enough to show off the shirts for those of you not attending:

    Code Camp Shirt - Front

    Front of the Shirt (unless John is wearing it backwards)


    Code Camp Shirt - Sleeve

    Sleeve with Logo


    Code Camp Shirt - Back

    Back of the Shirt