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Ok, so we all know that this site used .Text still.  We haven't converted to CS and we are now looking into the design of the next version (I know you have heard that before, but we have our developer now).  This may cause you guys some headaches when it comes to publishing photos using Microsoft Live Writer (Beta), but here is the solutionFlickr4Writer!  As I did yesterday, let's walk through the steps needed to setup and use this tool with Live Writer.  I would like to thank the authors of this project because it is an amazing tool and they were very fast to publish and update.

First off, we need to get the download from the CodePlex project site.  Once you get the download, start this process (Screen will probably change over time).  You will need a Flickr account and it is very easy to setup and get going.  Yahoo also provides some great uploading tools as well.


Getting Started with Install:

Run this file first after you accept the terms:


With XP SP2, you will see this message you are used to and click Run:


Click the Next > button to start the install:


Accept this License Agreement and move forward:


Click the Install button:


This is the list of the known issues, click Next >:


We are now finished with the install, so click Finish:


Now run the Live Writer application.  You will notice the Insert Flickr Image link on the right bar's Insert bubble.  Click this link:


The next screen is the Flickr4Writer plugin.  To use this, put the email address you have picked for your Flickr account in the Flickr user name field.  You can select the Set you want to use or search by tag.  Select the image you want to add after the search and decide of size and other layout options.  Click the Insert Image button when you are finished. 


Now you will see the image in you post and you can continue typing away.  Remember you will need a Flickr account to make this work, but it is the easiest way to post images to using Live Writer.

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# Try subText
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One way to eliminate, or at least substantially reduce, the upgrade headache is to upgrade to subText instead of CS.
Left by vern on Aug 17, 2006 1:33 PM

# re: Posting Photos to Using Live Writer and Flickr
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Same problem with subtext, we have done so many upgrades to this system that even subtext would be hard to convert to. Plus that project delivers little in direction of where they are taking it in the next few years
Left by Jeff Julian on Aug 18, 2006 2:31 AM

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