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TodayIStartedTheGwbWiki.... Oops! Today I started the GWB Wiki several of you asked about a few weeks ago. This wiki is almost straight out of the box so we can work with it to find what direction you guys would like to take it. I plan to add some help pages on getting started with GeeksWithBlogs and some history of the site, but you guys can go where you want with it.


...and the evals are there to prove it. About 90% of the attendees gave him all 5s and there were several comments like "best user group presenter I have seen". This isn't good for me since I have spoken several times for the UG, but Miguel is a very polished presenter and he knows how to relate the materials he has produced to all types in the audience. The presentation covered Server Controls and even with 4 people in the audience of 40 raising their hands when Miguel asked the question of who has written a Server Control, the upper majority of the audience were on their toes the entire presentation.

Yesterday, John and I interviewed a young graduate for an internship position we are creating for GWB. We are in need of fresh templates and some code for the site to bring it into the next life of blogging. Back to the point, this was his very first user group meeting and the first thing he said to me after the meeting was, "Are all the meetings like this, cause it was very cool". This was great feedback from a first time UG attendee, so if you are looking for your INETA speaker of the year, I would HIGHLY suggest you have Miguel come to your group.


Today Brandon seems to be in the clear.  He hasn't shown a fever since last night around 10pm and is back to his normal self.  Thank you to everyone who put us in their prayers.



8:30PM CST - This past week I was in Vegas with a client demoing some products we have been working on and the show went great. Saturday night the show wrapped up and we were planning a night of fun with some gambling. I cracked open my first beer sitting is a very nice suite at the Wynn and my phone started ringing. I noticed it was my wife so I thought it was our normal evening call we have when I am out of town. I answered and I could immediately tell from the sound of her voice something was wrong. She said, "Jeff, Brandon has just had a seizure and we are taking him to Children's Mercy so you need to get the fastest flight home." My reply was, "WHAT?" She repeated it and said his fever was 104 and he wasn't responding much.

8:45PM CST - At this point I have walked with my 20lbs laptop, if you can call it that but my legs would disagree, from the Wynn to the Treasure Island where I was staying back and have packed frantically. I knew there was a flight to Kansas City at 9:30PM CST, so I was in the room for about 3 minutes and back downstairs to get a cab. My mind was all over the place because I had no clue what was going on and what the status of my son was.

8:55PM CST - I am in a cab at this point heading to the airport so I had time to call to get an update. My stepfather answered and told me that they were running test now and things were getting better. My stepfather is a doctor, Internal and Nuclear Medicine, and Michelle and Brandon were at their house, thank God. Now I have to get to the airport and on that flight. He told me he would call as soon as he has more details.

9:10PM CST - I am talking to the Southwest representative telling him my story and seeing if I can get on the flight, he placed me on stand by and let me know the flight was 10 minutes delayed (God looking out for me, I think so). So now I have to run through the airport to get to C18, which requires a tram ride. On the tram, people were looking at me funny because I am covered with sweat and can my glasses are fogged up.

9:25PM CST - I get to the terminal where I go to see if I can get on the flight. The representative gives me a seat in B assignment and tells me we will be in his prayers. It is amazing how people are when others are in need. I walk over and see the owners of the company I am working for and they ask what I am doing here since my flight was in the morning. I try to get it out, but I can't, I just started crying. This is the first time I can really digest what is going on and talking to someone I know makes these emotions come out. I finally get my composure and explain what I know. These guys are great and they were very awesome about how they handled the situation.

9:45PM CST - I am on the flight and they are about to close the door. I have no clue what is going on and everything that could possibly have happened is running through my head. My phone starts vibrating as they announce to shut off my phone, but they can just wait. My dad says everything has tested OK and that because of the spike in his fever, the seizure happened. It has a name, but I am not sure what it is. He also said his fever is going down and they have been cleared to leave so I need to meet them in Clinton because that is where they are going. This is the best news I have had all night and I can't do anything but thank God.


1:15AM CST - I am in my car now after landing and riding the bus to the parking lot. My wife called about 2 minutes after I got off the flight letting me know the major highway was closed from Kansas City to Clinton and I would have to drive around it. Brandon was sleeping and everything was OK, but his fever was still 102. I had to stop for gas and coffee because I was dead tired.

3:20AM CST - I arrive in Clinton and get to my parents house. I go straight to bed cause nothing is going on.

5:15AM CST - Brandon wakes up and I jump straight out of bed. My wife says she has never seen me move so fast. Even though his cry was normal, that is not what I heard. I ask Michelle if he sounds different, and she tells me no and to go back to bed. I thought I would get a couple more minutes of sleep or just try to wake up.

8:00AM CST - Grandma and Brandon are playing hide-and-seek and he comes strolling in the room. I see him out of the corner of my eye and say, "Hey, buddy". He got the biggest smile and came running over to me. This was all I prayed for. Brandon's fever had gone down to 98-100 throughout the day and he was acting like nothing happen.


Today his fever came back up to 102, but we had an follow up appointment with our doctor and he said everything checked out fine that some children will seizure with high fever and we need to keep him on Mortin until it settles down. Since Saturday he has not had another seizure and is just tired and wants to be held. I am so glad everything turned out OK.


Hey everyone, long time since I have posted, but things have been a little crazy. The good news is the stickers are back!!! We ordered a 100 this time to cover demand so if you want to get one of these let me know what color (black or white) and your address. Send them to this address, and I will get them mailed shortly.


I am in love! I downloaded the MaxiVista trial today because I am onsite at a client with 2 notebooks, but only the monitors attached to the machines. I needed more space!

MaxiVista is a product that allows you to extend your desktop without an extra monitor attached to the machine, but another computer with a monitor. This means if your have two laptops, you can make one of them a slave monitor to the other, giving you dual monitors. Amazingly the lag is almost not noticeable since it uses the network to communicate the screen. It also has a feature that allows you to quickly switch to the other notebook and use the keyboard and mouse on the main computer to control the slave. Amazing. I suggest you download the trial and test it. The full version of the product is $35.00. I am amazed.


Now that the game contest judging and discussion has died down, I can announce my latest purchases to continue the Geekdom of Jeff:

These two purchases are amazing. Dual Core!!!! I have wanted one so bad since they announced it and with 2gb out of the box for $1,349 at Best Buy, how the hell do you turn the offer down? As far as the keyboard goes, I have bad habits. I know carpal tunnel is coming if I continue typing the way I do. Also, I have a nasty habit of only using CAPS LOCK when I need a capital letter. So when I type it is CAPS, Letter, CAPS. Yes that is right, I waste a keystroke ever capital letter I use. Another annoying habit I have is reaching for the Y with my left hand. So what I am did was get a split keyboard that lets me rest my wrist on the keyboard because it is on a reverse tilt and I can't reach the Y no matter how hard I try if I keep my wrist rested. Now I just have to break the CAPS LOCK issue, maybe I should just remove the key until I no longer need it.


This is from the anonymous "El Stevo" via my blog post about the game contest results.

Er, I don't get it. Is this some kind of joke? Bob The Fish is just bad. I don't care what the code is like, the finished product is very very amateurish. It's just a collection of poorly made clones of old games that have been done (better) a million times before. How on earth could you say it had great gameplay? I've only played one other of the entries, but it was far superior to Bob. If I were one of the other entrants I would feal cheated.

Wow, I am just amazed someone would come out and make a comment like this when we ran a month long contest and this game was amazing for just one month in spare time. All the games were amazing. We made our choice based on game play and coding, the blogging was amazing from all contestants. The games were very very close and it was a hard decision. I have to agree with Scoble on his anonymous thoughts and this is very cowardly to make comments like this and not say who you are.


Congratulations is in order for George Clingerman who produced Bob The Fish and ultimately winning the Game Design Contest. George's game had great game play and the code is of very high quality. Congrats George and your XBox will be sent out shortly.

However, this was the hardest contest I have ever judged. John and I split the judging up into different categories we were both having a tough time picking a winner. These games are awesome! Aside from George, John and I want to thank Jason Olson, Stephen Whitmore, Chris Weeks, and Scott Miller. These guy submitted their games and completed the entire task. For this, we will be sending them $100 Gift Cards to Best Buy as a prize for all their work. Congrats Guys!

We will be publishing a site dedicated to this contest with download for the games soon.


John and I have bought the rights to a guild we are forming on Duskwood for Geekswithblogs members who play WoW. My character is Darthnode so ping me if you are interesting in joining.


Over the 4th, we visited my parents in Clinton, Missouri where last week a building collapsed in the city's business district. This is my hometown and I have spent a bunch of time on the square. Seeing the buildings like this and knowing someone who was close to the family died during the collapse is very sad. The whole area is blocked off around the building and surrounding few. Here are some photos I took from my camera phone of the damage.