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As John Stated....
Midnight Tonight CST is the deadline for the GeeksWithBlogs Game Design Challenge. Who will win?? Time is ticking... CONTESTANTS: Make sure if you haven't already done so, send an email to so we can get you a ftp site to up load your entries! Good luck to all!!!!!!!


For all your GWB IE 7 Guys, I am downloading IE Beta 3 today (released 6/29/2006) and will work on the admin site   


Last August I blogged about Brandon's head size growing off the charts and having to go through test after test to see what the problem is. Today we met with the Neurologist after an MRI three weeks ago to talk about the results. He said Brandon is fine and that he will just have a larger head than most, but we shouldn't need to worry about the fluid around his brain anymore. This is a major relief for us and I am glad we can finally move past this.

To give you background on his condition, he has fluid around the outside of his brain inside the skull, but this is not "Water on the Brain" that you may hear about with Shunted children. That condition is fluid around the ventricles inside the brain. This "fluid" makes his head size larger than most children. Last August he was off the charts on head size at the 125th percentile and today he was in the 95th percentile and back on the curve.

Thanks for everyone's prayers and wishes over the year when we were going through the worst of it. Doctors were talking brain surgery before they knew what they know now and we were completely freaked out. Now we can get back to raising a normal kid with a larger than average head (because he is so smart).


Last night John called me to tell me a building had collapsed in Clinton, Missouri, my hometown, and that some people were trapped. It wasn't to surprising since the buildings in the downtown area were very old and haven't went through a ton of renevation work over the years. I am definitely glad to hear there are only injuries and no deaths. The building was occupied by the Clinton, MO Elks Lodge #1034 who was celebrating their 100 year anniversary. The members were in the middle of dinner service when the roof came down and 9 people were trapped. Here is the national news version of the story. It is definitely weird to be listening to XM Radio news in the morning and hear them mention Clinton, MO since it only has 9000 people and that is where both of my sets of parents live still.

[Update:  Looks like the leader of the group, Tony Komer, who was giving a speech was found dead after falling from the 3rd floor to the 1st.  My prayers go out to his family and friends.  He was one of my brother and sister's friend and my mom's co-worker's son-in-law who just lived right down the road from my parent's house.]


We have 1 sticker left, who wants it?

[Update - All Gone, we will print up some more soon]


I just wanted to post a friendly reminder that the game contest ends next Friday! All submissions must be received by 11:59pm on Friday Evening Central Standard Time. Email your game in a zip file to and we will start judging the next week. Good Luck!


After TechEd we have 13 stickers left for you guys to have. If you want a sticker, send me your mailing address and blog url to and I will get them mailed out.

Here is the current list of bloggers I have stickers mailing to, so if you aren't on the list, email me your mailing address quickly. We plan to print more soon, but this first batch will go quickly.

  • Chris Haaker
  • Tim Hibbard
  • Jason Olson
  • David Christiansen
  • Chris Williams


Tim Hibbard is coming into the GWB HQ today to talk about our usage of Team System and hopefully to tag his laptop and car with GWB stickers. He should be leaving soon so if you want to track his progress, watch the Where's Tim site.

Tim will be the first visitor of our office after the move a few weeks back. We were in a 12x14 room with 10 machines booted up, so the average temperature was 78F. Not to comfortable. Since we had everything on wheels, we upgraded our lease and moved everything down the hallway in about 3 hours. Check out our Flickr page for photos of the GWB HQ.


For those of you who haven't seen the FolderShare for TechEd that Jeffrey Palermo created, I have started an RSS Feed for those photos. It was pretty easy to do, I just have a folder that syncs with FolderShare and then build the RSS feed off of those. Check it out.


Geekswithblogs Members at TechED Boston, we are tagging laptops today in the Regional Directors booth through out the day so come by and we will get you tagged. The booth is located in the TLC area in the right corner near the company store (lower level)...

Update - COME BY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pimp My Ride

With a bag full of stickers, I decided to Tag my XTerra tonight.



The stickers have arrived!!!! Thanks for Howard and Ci Hawkins of ColorXpress Graphic and Copy Center (my in-laws) for producing these for us.

(turn your head upside down to read)

These stickers are custom vinyl stickers where every letter is cut out of the word (like you see on car windows), but due to our crazy font, they are a little difficult to put on your laptop. I have been trained and will be able to help everyone at TechEd who wants to participate. Oh yeah, did I mention we are Taging Our Tops at TechEd? John and I have been sporting GWB stickers on our laptops for a few years now and we thought it would be cool to have others do it as well.

I am still investigating the schedule to find the best time to meetup and chat with the GWB members so watch this blog for details.


With the rumor that MS is releasing information about ADO.NET v.Next at TechEd, I plan to attend the ADO.NET meetup Jonathan Bruce is hosting on Tuesday. He has details on who is attending and since it is in my hotel, I can't complain about distance. Check out details here...


TechEd 2006 Boston is NEXT WEEK!!! John and I will be arriving Saturday afternoon for a week of Aggregation, which means we will read over 1000 posts each in one day and pick out quotes from the ones relevent to the event. We have started a blog called Editors' Thoughts to let everyone in on what it takes to maintain the site during the week of TechEd. We will also post helpful tips to get your post on the site fastest and to help drive readership based on those posts. Feed:

Editors' Thoughts Feed: