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For those of you who want to see what the Word 2007 Blogging UI looks like, here is a snapshot: (Click to enlarge)


Moving to Community Server is the next step we need to make for this community, but since our community is so large, it is a dramatic step. John and I plan to start a parallel migration process and launch a community server site that will contain the current GWB data and we would be able to test in both worlds while keeping each data source in sync. We want to work out all the kinks we find to see if we just want to stay with what we have or take the plunge. This parallel migration will take some time, due to TechEd, but we hope to some progress made by that time.

I am also planning to redesign the Green Monster that is the homepage so if you have some suggestions or want to throw your design at us, send an email to John and I will keep you up on the progress we make during this migration.

[Posted from Word 2007, Download it and start blogging]


Several people have tried out blogging from Word 2007 (as I am now) and are having problems with .Text. This issue is in the CookComputing.XmlRpc.dll and a dateTime error they fixed. This is used in the Post struct which blows up the newPost method. If you update the dll to a later version ( then you should have no problem posting after that using the Metablog API.

For members, the Metablog API service URL is located at[YOUR USER NAME]/services/metablogapi.aspx.


Just absolutely amazing!!! John and I loaded our TabletPC with Vista and Office 2007 Beta 2 without VPC and I must say, I really like what I see. Most Tablets, including ours, don’t have the video needed for Aero, but the user experience is still much better than XP. Anyone else using Vista and Office with a dedicated daily notebook or tablet?

To blog inside Word using .Text, you need to update the XmlRpc assembly used.

[Post made from Word 2007]


For those of you who attended Tim's presentation on AJAX this month, this book is going to be good for you. I have always been a fan of Wrox books, and these authors are great.


Scott Miller, one of our GWB bloggers since August of 2005, has joined the competition with the graphics help of his daughter. This is definitely one of the coolest events of this contest because I really think for us software developers, designing code with our kids involved let them know more about what we do and how the process works. My son is only 15 months so I have not been able to put my theory into practice, but John and his son Nathaniel write software together and he seems to love it! Good luck to Scott and Mindy with "The Bloodletting"!


Jason starts his game and talks about the Express Products:

"My renewed impressions of Visual C# Express? After being used to using Visual Studio 2005, it is truly striking just how much of the same functionality the Express Editions truly have. So far, I have yet to truly miss a single feature. With the work that Jamie Cansdale has done getting the TestDriven.NET add-in working with the Express Editions, I have nearly everything I need."

Now that we have started the contest, here is a list of the competitors that have signed up. It looks like we are going to have a great event, but I would like to see more contestants (What can I say, I like competition):


Yeeeehaaaaaaaaa(thanks Howard Dean)..... GeeksWithBlogs has reached the 1,000 blogger mark! This is great news. I know most of these guys have stop posting regularly, but to know that we have over 15,000 post here is amazing. For you members, thanks for being part of this community and I can't wait til we can announce 2,000 bloggers.


I have heard this question a lot since announcing the contest so I thought I would clear up the reasons. Here is a list of reasons why we are picking Express:

  1. We are working with Microsoft to promote Express (Big one)
  2. The contest is about the game, but also blogging your experiences with .NET 2.0 and Express (Bigger One)
  3. Everyone who wants to see the code and compile the game entries can download Express for Free!!!! (Biggest One)
  • Express run side-by-side with other versions of Visual Studio 2005 (Standard, Professional, and Team Suite)? Yes!!!!
  • Express have a similar experience to VS 2005? Definitely, it is actually amazing how comfortable you will feel.
  • Express have intellisense? Of Course!
I hope we cleared up the water on this, and if you register your Express download for playing or building these games, you will be entered into another contest with Microsoft that has some cool prizes as well.


I forgot to tell everyone when the contest ends! June 30th will be the last submission date for the game contest.

On a side note, if you are like me and think a game is going to take forever to write and you just don't have the time, I have to let you know that it is easier than you think. With the huge amounts of resources available, it is very easy to find solutions to your problems. When I .NETified Escapa, definitely an addictive game, it took me 6 hours to port the logic and most of that time was getting the timing right. The basic structure and buffering issues were solved quickly with a few searches. If you are at all interested, just email us and we will help you as you go, that is what a community is all about. John and I are extremely excited about this contest, Express, and .NET 2.0 and want to help the masses give it a try and see what they think.

Download Express here and get started!


Ever wanted to try your hand at Game Development? Been itching to play with .NET 2.0 but needed motivation to get started? Then you need to take the Exclusive GeeksWithBlogs Game Design Challenge!!!

*** Only open to GeeksWithBlogs members!!! *** (Note: It's really easy to become a GWB member... Click Here)

What do I need to do?

  1. Check out the game we recreated using Visual Studio Express called Escapa
  2. Download the free Visual Studio Express HERE (Doing this also gets you signed up for the Upgrade Your Game Sweepstakes!)
  3. Blog about your game!!!! Let us know about your experiences with Visual Studio Express during your process.
  4. Submit your own gaming masterpiece and enter to win a new Xbox 360 - the coolest game wins (determined by Jeff and John)
For the exact rules, visit the Official Rules Page and if or when you are ready to get yourself in the contest, send an email to with your blog address and we will add you to the list of contestants!


Digg This!


I love the insight Dilbert has into our world and today is a perfect example.


Last year we had an adhoc GWB meeting at TechEd that was a little less than successful. This year I want to organize a meetup before the event and try to get everyone together in Boston for a meet-n-greet. Many of us know each other through our blogs, IM, and email but very few of us have ever met in person. Let's change that and try to make it a reoccuring event at major Microsoft events.

If you are going to be at TechEd 2006 in Boston and are a member of, then send a email to and I will add you to my TechEd email list. I want to try to get some GWB laptop stickers together so a head count would be great.


I love it when these shows sell out! You know at this point there are a lot of interested attendees and there won't be a shortage of conversations. If you were planning to attend, but haven't registered yet, there is a WAITLIST for you to hurry and get your name on.


One thing we noticed this year, and other years, is that people who are watching the news from TechEd and plan to talk about the topics of TechEd but are NOT attending don't register themselves on When you register on, there is a category for Community. This is for the people that I described above. So if this is you, register yourself on the site!


After the bad news about Scoble's mother, we postponed his podcast for a later time. However, we will have a show this week that will be recorded tomorrow night covering code camps!!!! We have a panel set up of Thom Robbins, Chris Williams, Don XML, Robin Edwards, and Brian Button. All these individuals have organized a code camp and with the recent amount of code camps popping up, I thought this would be a good topic to cover to assist other organizers and attendees. We will record tomorrow evening and I hope to have everything edited and released later in the evening.


According to the TechEd Site, Train will be performing this year.

This year’s attendee party will feature a live concert by the band, Train, performing just for Tech·Ed 2006 attendees into the stands of historic Fenway Park! Fenway is perhaps the most storied ballpark in the country and is home to the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox!


Now that John and I have Alexander & Julian Inc. up and running, we are ready to get back into the community mode we were in before launching our company. That said, tomorrow we will be recording the 16th show of Podcast Studio with Robert Scoble. Robert is a very entertaining person to speak with so I am really looking forward to the interview. We will be recording tomorrow evening and I will edit and publish the show a few hours later. Thanks to everyone who stuck with us during our building time and I hope you enjoy the rebirth of the show!


Today is my birthday and I am finally 25! My big insurance break is here and I can rent a car without an additional fee. I hear this is your last good birthday so every year from now with be the nth anniversary of my 25th birthday. This year I received a Garmin Nuvi 350, awesome, and a Lexmark E240n laser printer, awesome awesome.

Review of the Garmin Nuvi 350:

  • Amazing!!!!
  • The rechargable battery is great, I can think of a thousand uses of portable GPS, one being TechEd 2006
  • Touch screen is awesome. The Pathfinder's GPS we have has nothing (besides larger monitor) on this one
  • MP3 Player is pretty cool. I think I am at the point in my techiness that I wish devices did one thing again
  • This thing is fast, very fast....No noticeable lag
  • Amazing!!!!!!!!!!

    Review of the Lexmark E240n:

  • Quick and Easy to setup!
  • Oh my god this thing is fast...hit print and less than 8 seconds it is printing 28ppm
  • Cheap, little over $200, can't beat that
  • Better than HP! My HP died so I am not too much of a fan anymore
  • Built-in 10/100...To bad I don't have a drop in my office anymore, all wireless here.
  • Black and Silver, goes great with any devices made after 2004.

    This year has been pretty good. I have taken most of the day off to install the Nuvi properly instead of having a cable mess.