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Fellow member Chris Williams joins John and I over on His first post is very insightful on what mistakes you can make starting a business. I have a feeling this is going to be a great blog to watch.

Tomorrow will be the one month anniversary of being fulltime for Alexander & Julian Inc. which is really great. We have a few clients already and are following several leads. When we first started, I thought it would be forever before we had clients and that we would probably have to get fulltime jobs again, but things are looking really good for us now. If you are interested in starting you own consulting firm, check out our blogs over on Entrepreneurs With Blogs and this podcast on with Dave Donaldson.


As you have probably seen on the news, both Missouri and Kansas were hit pretty hard by tornados this weekend. One big location they are talking about is the city of Sedalia. This weekend, my family decided to go visit my parents in Clinton, about 45 minutes from Sedalia. My wife and I decided to get away for a little bit and went to Warrensburg, 30 minutes from Sedalia, and left Brandon with his grandparents. After we had went through Lowes, a home improvement store, we got out to the car and the tornado alarms went off. Joy! We called my parents and asked what was going on. At that time the two big storms had just formed and were heading our way. So was started booking it home.

Well the first storm went through Warrensburg, with a history of producing tornados that touched down, about 5 minutes after we made it through south on our way to Clinton. The drive is about 30 miles from Warrensburg to Clinton and about 20 minutes into our journey the second storm passed over the road 15 miles between Clinton, putting us 5 minutes ahead of that one. This one had a tornado that was touched down over the highway, at least that is what the news reported, I didn't see it, I was too busy breaking the speed limit. We made it to Clinton fine and did the typical Missouri thing of standing outside watching the storm go by, even though the tornado alarms in Clinton were going off at that time. It is just too amazing to see the cloud's actions in a storm. No tornado were in the storm, so it was mostly safe. During a storm you will see more people outside their homes than any other time of the year. It is quite amazing to see if you are in your car. Reminds me of Independence Day (the movie) when everyone is looking at the ships in the air.

Thinking back, it is weird to think what might of happened if we stayed in the store for an extra 5 minutes, then decided to leave. Inside the building we would not have heard the alarm and wouldn't have thought anything about it. Tim's town got hit pretty hard and KU didn't have school on Monday because 60% of the campus buildings had damage. With this being the first storm, I are sure we are going to have a pretty crazy tornado season this year.


Wow, 900+ members!  We are so close to the 1000 marker.  I want to thank all our members and encourage you to bring your friends into the blogging world and have them join our community.  As we keep growing, the content is getting better and better.  I love the mix of IT Pro and Developer we are getting because we all wear different hats and it is great to keep up on both sides of the wall.

Entrepreneurs with blogs is taking off pretty slowly like Geeks with blogs did, but I can see a benefit to that community running a business now.  I have so many questions and find helpful tips everyday that I know if we can get more business owners over there, it will be as much of a success as this community is. 


Today I have some exciting news. For several years now, has been a huge success by letting attendees and non-attendees know what is going on at TechEd. Last year, John and I had the luxury of being the aggregating editors for the site. This means over 50% of our time at the event was spent reading about what was going on through the voice of the bloggers. It was my favorite Microsoft conference because I had a big part in letting others know about the fun everyone was having.

Well this year John and I are back and excited. Today was the first day of aggregating and we can't wait to see the blogger start rolling in. If you are planning to attend, register your blog on the site and you are done, John and I will do the rest. Also, check out and for the same type of aggregating but with the focus on Webcasts and Events. Also, if you are going, find us and lets chat.

P.S. This year will also be the first year I have attended an event working for myself so no required vacation hours!!!!