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My wife's computer blue screened about a week ago, and being it was 2 years old and a laptop, it was correct timing for a replacement. With most blue screens, you can remove the hard drive and place them in an enclosure and USB them to another machine to pull the data off. Well not with this drive. Once the drive was mounted in Windows, XP would freeze up. Once you unmounted it, XP would start running like a champ. This occurred on 4 different machines. Crap!!!

So I tell a coworker, Jim Erwin, about the issue and ask for his advice. He stated that he uses a version of Linux called Knoppix to load a full Linux copy straight off of a CD without a hard drive in the system. I had to shake my head and say, "What?". I couldn't believe you could load Linux from a CD to a running operating system in under 5 minutes with no Hard Drive. Amazing!

So I had to challenge him on this and had him bring his CD and I brought the Laptop in. We put the CD in, hit the power button, and 30 seconds later, Linux says "Initializing Startup Sequence" through the speakers. Absolutely amazing. Once the GUI loaded, we saw the drive and I created a share on another machine to push the files to. Less than 3 hours later, we had transferred 20GB of data off of the laptop. Popped out the CD and we were done. Never had to learn how to install Linux, never had to learn very many commands, just put in a disk and ran with it.


Tonight I am giving my XML Serialization talk at the Kansas City .NET User Group.  If you are in the area, we would love to have you show up.  The demos will be in .NET 2.0, but should be portable to 1.1 in most cases.

We are at a new location if you haven't attended in a few meetings.  Instead of Centriq University, we are at the Foss Training Center on State Line.


I have been doing announcements for on my personal blog and I have decided to create a separate blog for this information. The blog is at


After some time of living with the logout issue in .Text and after the nth bug submittion from new bloggers, I decided to fix the issue. If you still see the problem, please report it. Now back to building the new system.


I must say, the HDC was the most interesting conference I have attended.  Most conferences are unorganized with big problems and the staff are always running around like chickens with their heads cut off.  At the HDC, everything was managed perfectly!  Joe and the guys never showed any problems and were just a grins throughout the first day. 

The weirdest thing for me was the attendees reaction to sessions.  Most conferences have at least 5-10% of the attendees outside of sessions talking, but not at the HDC.  You could not find one attendee and in most cases speakers outside in the lounge when a session was going on.  The other amazing thing was to see the amount of attendence at a midwest conference, sold out and a waiting list.  I am really excited for next years show.

Over on PodcastStudio and our blog, we will be releasing 9 shows we recorded over the next couple of weeks.  We interviewed some great speakers and the first few episodes will be with Craig Utley and Rocky Lhotka.


Wow, this is really cool. I don't know how long it will be there, but when you go to the technology search on Yahoo Podcasts, Podcast Studio is number 1!!!!!


Hey everyone, we are 2 years old!!! Check out what we looked like when we started: Internet Archive


It has been some time since this was posted, but I have to say this is one of the coolest wallpapers I have ever seen. If you are a Geekswithblogs member, you should definitely place this as your wallpaper! Thanks a lot David!

Links to the available full resolutions:


John and I will be podcasting from the Heartland Developers Conference on Thursday. We are both very excited because remote podcasts are always fun. If you are planning to attend, look us up on Wednesday night during the reception and we can have a chat. I wish we had Tim's application because we are driving up and that is just a cool application!

Here is a picture of John and I if you are at the event, I am on the left (no goatie anymore) and John is on the right.


Wow, all I can say is that event was amazing. I missed the PDC to aggregate PDCBloggers due to the amount of registered bloggers we had this year, so I was hoping to get some of that information at the Summit. Luckily I did and a bit more. I can't go into too much detail, but I can say one day the XML MVPs had a private meeting with Anders in a small conference room with 6 MVPs and a few product team members. That was very cool.

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