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We take a lot of pictures of Brandon.  We are first-time parents, what do you expect.  Well my CS installation on just wasn't cutting it because I need rapid and mass upload of pictures with resizing done automatically.  Flickr offers this, and I must say it is pretty cheap.  Check out our site, and if your looking for a solution yourself, this is definitely a good one.

Check out the pictures of Brandon for August, I have been terrible about updating the original site.


Wow, I must say I haven't had this much fun recording a podcast.  Last week, the Indigo Road Show came to Kansas City and we had the pleasure of interviewing Richard Turner and Payam Shodjai of the Indigo team to discuss what the Indigo Road Show is, as well as answer many of the questions developers have about Indigo. 



Google put out Talk, as you have all heard by now, but for those people using it, my address is if you want to add me to your contacts list.


Well I got my “Would you like to renew your subscription?” call from MSN Direct for my SPOT watch.  I had to say no thank you since I couldn't get my SUNNTO N3 to charge at all to wear the thing.  They told me they were having a special promotion where I could get a free Fossil watch if I rejoined for $39.95 a year ($59.95 if you want Outlook and IMs).  Ummm, lets see, a free $140+ dollar watch for free and cheap service to have weather, sports, movies, appointments, and messages all on my wrist.  Of Course!  So a couple days later, my new watch arrived and I love it.  So much lighter than the old one and I can actually hear the alerts.  So if you are a SPOT owner, I suggest calling them to see if you can get a new watch. 


Wednesday, John and I will be interviewing the Indigo Team that is part of the Road Show to discuss the event and what you can expect to learn when it comes to a city near you.  We will be recording from the event, so it should put a different spin on our podcast.  Stay tuned on


Sorry I have been away for awhile, Brandon's doctors had some worries about his head growth and we had to get several scans to see if there was a problem.  This has probably been the craziest time of my life because I have never worried some much about anything.  He is only 6 months old, and all the signs were good on his development, but you just can't ask him to see if anything is wrong.  Also, you have to love getting test on Friday and waiting the whole weekend worrying about what is going on until Monday afternoon when you get the results.  Ends up that he is fine, thank God. 


This week we have Mike Amundsen on Tuesday at the .NET User Group and Indigo Road Show on Wednesday.  This is going to be a great week of .NET and if you are in the area, you should definitely attend both sessions.