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Since Geekswithblogs uses .Text, it is only proper that if we want to upgrade, we have to use Community Server.  I don't like the idea of forums for this site, but Galleries and Blogs are a good fit.  Since we have a lot of changes to worry about, I aim working on our version on a separate site,  This site for my family where I will have blogs and galleries.  Once I make all the changes to Community Server we need, I hope to release it to GWB.  This is going to take time since my primary focus is right now, but I just wanted to let everyone know that there is work being done to update


Last week/weekend John and I were in Redmond for a summit. There, we met up with fellow Geekswithblogs blogger, Jay Glynn. We did several Podcast and are now editing them and preparing for the launch of our system. Here is a picture of Neil, Jay, John, and Jeff of

On Saturday we decided to jump in our Expedition we rented and drive down to see Mount Rainier. Little did we know, the largest mountain in the continental United States would be the hardest thing to see from up close. This photo was taken from Enumclaw where I made the choice of following the signs that said "<- Mt. Rainier" instead of following the map we purchased that told us another direction. I was quoted saying "If a sign said Wal-mart that way, would to go in the opposite direction?", well the answer is YES.

This is the point where John, the one who wanted to go the other way, started jumping up and down and yelling in my ear, due to my previous quote. Well after some quick bio breaks and a standing up for a bit, we jumped back in the car and headed the 30 miles back that we went down to get back to Enumclaw.

On the way back to Enumclaw and then Seattle for dinner, we saw a sign that said "Mount Rainier Lookout Point". Quickly the two cars in our caravan did a U-turn in the middle of the road and headed back so we could see the mountain. Well this lookout point was CLOSED as you can see. So we said screw it and walked around the sign to go get a better look. When we got to the information area, the trees infront of the point had grown so high and full, that you could not see the mountain. There is no real point to the story besides follow the map and not the signs.


John Alexander and I will be podcasting from the Microsoft Publishers Summit next week for  If you are interested in being interviewed and will be at the summit, give me a buzz and I will get you a time for the interview.  Please include the books you have written so we can do some quick research on questions we might ask you.  We have a pretty open schedule of events that John and I will be presenting so time shouldn't be an issue. 

Here are some pictures of the latest mobile studio I setup in my dining room to make sure it worked outside of my office.